Friday, April 18, 2008

Celebrating with Luka's Friends

Today we went back to Primero de Mayo (orphanage where Luka is from) to celebrate his 1st Birthday. The kids really had a great time, but I think Luka was a little upset that almost none of the kids recognized him. Nobody could believe how big he was! There are about 60 kids at the orphanage and they are all so beautiful, but they need so much love, attention and good nutrition and unfortunately the resources just aren't there. Now I look at them and think how much they could grow and flourish if the found a loving family. Luka is a completely different little boy than what he was 4 months ago. While we were there we met three families that are adopting and it was good for them to see Luka and talk to us about our experience. I hope you enjoy the photos from today. Click here to see them.

This boy still has another birthday party coming on April 27th. I think that will make five birthday cakes for him! One in Miami before we left, two on his real birthday, one today and one next week and his OFFICIAL birthday party that his mother planned really late...ha ha ha. Till the next birthday party.....

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