Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Yay, Sammy is THREE!

On May 13th Sam celebrated his 3rd Birthday. On his actual birthday he wanted a Jake party...well it wasn't really a party, more like dinner and then our cute neighbors came over to help Sam blow out the candles. Sam loved it..can you see his excitement?

Totally homemade cake...
He really was bursting at the seams with pride and sooo excited.

Then a couple of days later it was time for the real fiesta - a Yo Gabba Gabba Dance Party. Luka came as DJ Lance and Sam dressed up as Plex. Here were were waiting for guests to arrive. The boys couldn't wait!
Birthday sign on the mantle and some fuzzy friends.
This game was a hit!
Giveaways for his friends.
Muno Jello Cups.

The entire week Luka had been practicing his character. He was very methodical and tried to get DJ Lance's phrasing and voice...very funny to hear him practice.
My little Plex...

Then it was time for the show. Luka had Emilio (aka Muno) help out. What you don't see in the photos is their wardrobe change into cool clothes for the One Direction performance. It was priceless.

Hey, I think someone stole all the prize necklaces...Sammy you need to share.

Sam didn't mess around when it came to the piƱata. He grabbed it and brought it right to me. 

Oreo cupcakes

Time to sing in Dutch, English and Spanish.

Thanks everyone for coming and celebrating with us!

To check out all of the photos click here.

Mama Bebe Expo

A few weeks ago (yes, I know I am so behind and have so many posts to share) we attended the Feria Mama & Bebe & Kids here in Santiago, Chile. No, there is NOT a baby van Herksen on the way, but I have a small addiction to baby products and well-made toys in general. I think it stems from my refusal to really grow-up. The fair was great. There were tons of booths and products from all over the world and many from right here in Chile. Above you can see some of the items we picked up:

1. Two beautiful wooden puzzles from Kido. The giraffe and wood scene are perfect and I almost just want to frame them. We purchased them for Sam's birthday. He loves PUZZLES!
2. Playmais Play Sets - These are so much fun. They sort of look like those packing bubbles, but they are thicker and colored. You can stick them together and make all sorts of shapes and designs. We stocked up for future birthday presents and bought a big bin for the boys. Great toy for the imagination and they are edible, well not like popcorn but if the kids do eat them they will be okay.
3. Picnic Blanket - This blanket folds up like a bag and it is water resistant on one side and totally machine washable and I found this cute Ikea fabric. Can't wait to use it....
4. Okay, this we didn't actually buy but I love this bicycle cart. I think I need to buy a bicycle first. I recently found these great walk, bike paths around our neighborhood that I would love to use this bad boy for.

There were so many lovely things to look at....
These were some of my favorite toys...
This is pretty genius...
There was even a FREE photo booth. I just love these photos. I never miss a photo booth op.
There were also tons of activities for the boys. Luka asked to have his face painted like an astronaut (he is on the Outer Space Unit at school). He loved it so much he asked me to go to his class and have an Out of this World Face Painting activity. Since then we have done this and the kids had a blast.
I don't know why but sam was a little obsessed with this duck. We saw him leave when we first got there and Sam wanted to wait by this booth until he returned...I convinced him we could walk away. Three hours later we saw him and as you can see Sam was very happy to pose with the duck.
He also liked the baby formula lions. That is the same formula we used to give Luka in South Africa...small world.
After the show we went to Ruby Tuesdays for lunch (how American, right?) and Luka found a shaded spot to test out his free bubbles.
An all around great day in Lo Barnechea...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day in Chile

Well today was my first Mother's Day in Chile...first of a couple (I hope) and it was a great one. Wow, this is my 6th year celebrating Mother's Day and it seems a little surreal. About 7 years ago I didn't know if I would ever celebrate this day. The prospect of being a mom seemed dim and the road was longer and harder than I had imagined...but then Luka popped into our lives and literally fell into our arms and now I can't imagine life without my sons. Sam was also a little miracle that I thought would never happen. Funny how life works. And now I have the privilege of experiencing the joy of being a mother through adoption and naturally (well, sort of with a little help from the IVF fairy). 

Today in addition to being happy for having two beautiful boys I am especially grateful for having the opportunity to love and care for my two little angels (and sometimes devils). Okay, so day-to-day life is not so perfect and I get mad at them, cry with them, but we also laugh together, dance together and I wouldn't trade being a mom with anything else in the world.

Here is a rundown of my first Mother's Day in Chile...

It started off with a delicious breakfast...first time JJ made pancakes! It was so much fun seeing how excited the boys were to get me out of bed to see what they had prepared. 
I received beautiful cards, drawing and these totally cool shoes! I have to make a separate post on all the artwork I received this year. The boys really surprised me and I could probably make an exhibit on all the pieces, but a blog post will have to do. Will try and scan/photograph tomorrow to share...
Before we headed out for lunch we took a couple of photos in our backyard. The leaves are falling and the colors are amazing. Luka, as photogenic as always. Sam, not so much! The collage at the top of the post has the ONLY two photos I was able to snap of Sam. Here Luka is in all his fall glory! That boy LOVES the camera. Look at those teeth or lack of them. Que lindo!
After our mini-photo session we were off to lunch. I had requested (begged) to go out for sushi and a movie. Luka has always been very adamant about NOT eating sushi. Well, he surprised me and was a great sport. We found two rolls that he really liked and he said he would love to have sushi again...whoo hoo now we have new options when going out to eat (pasta and burgers are Luka's staples)! Sam, who I thought would eat anything, was not so keen on sushi or anything else they were serving at Sakura.
Here is a cute video of Luka during lunch...

Then we went to the movies to see Escape from Planet Earth, in Spanish of course. What a cute movie! All four of us enjoyed it, even in Spanish. I totally recommend it. Luka is on his "Outer Space" unit at school so I am sure he will have plenty to talk about at circle time tomorrow at school.
Well, that was it...a wonderful day. Here I am jumping from all the excitement and Luka really wanted to take some more photos when we got home and I was happy to be his subject.
To see more photos from our Mother's Day click here

Update: I finally scanned some of the beautiful mother's day art I received. These are from Sam. Am I a lucky mom or what!?!?!?

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dance Party Coming Soon...

Pretty soon we will be dancing with DJ Lance (he is coming to the party...hmmm) and celebrating Sam's 3rd Birthday. Yes, my teeny tiny baby is turning three...please say it isn't so.

This year's theme was all Sam. I didn't even know he was such a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba. Yes, we started watching recently but I was sure that when I asked him, "Sam, so what kind of birthday party do you want this year?" he was going to say "MALOS" or "JAKE" or "POWER WAAANJA." I was pleasantly surprised when he said "GABBA GABBA" and "MAMA TU FUFA."

So next week we will be dancing and playing games. Sam is slated to be Plex and I managed to find a Fufa hat to wear for the party. He is very excited.

He really didn't have much input in the themes for his first two birthdays. 

His first birthday party was a tribute to "Green Eggs & Ham" and the line "Sam I am". Luka and I used to love to read that book with Sam and he seemed to giggle when the name Sam came up. In this case the decision was all Mommy's (mine). It was a small get together in our apartment in La Paz. You can read about it here.

For his second birthday we organized a PJ's & Pancake Breakfast. We were moving and living in a hotel at the time so it had to be small and simple. Sam loves pancakes so it seemed like a good fit.

This marks a special birthday because Sam has been talking about his Gabba Gabba party for weeks now and everyday he asks if the party is today. He is also, for the first time, excited about inviting friends from pre-school. It is really cute to hear him ask if they are coming over today for "gabba gabba."

Sam, you won't have to wait much longer sweetie.

PS It has been tough to find things from Yo Gabba Gabba in Chile. I think most of the things will be "home-made."

Monday, May 06, 2013

My New Masterpieces

It has been a while since I posted artwork from the boys. This weekend I had some beautiful surprises and I thought I would share them with you. We spent the entire Sunday at the mall (thanks JJ for being so patient). We actually didn't shop so much, but there was this fabulous Mama Bebe Expo all about kid's products and there were various activity booths for the children. Daddy took the boys to the art booth and then I was surprised with these beautiful drawings when we met up again. There is just something about a child's art that is so refreshing...I could stare at it for hours.

The first two are Luka's and the bottom two are Sam's.

The drawing above is our house and garden. The one below is the castle at Disney World. Luka's favorite place on earth and now Sam is always talking about the castle as well. I love this one!
Here is Sam's..he wasn't able to tell me what it was I just hope it is NOT a portrait of Mommy with a big nose...do you see what I am seeing?
Here is Sam's second drawing...verdict is still out on this one, but he used PINK so I think it was meant for me, no?