Monday, September 21, 2015

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Starts Today..Really Oct. 1 but TODAY for Me

Most of you know that cancer and breast cancer specifically is something that has been very present in my life at a very early age. When I was little I remember seeing my grandmother as she had her first mastectomy and the struggles she had. As I grew older she went on to have breast cancer several times and then my other grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was a teenager. A few years ago right before I headed off to DC to walk in honor of my two grandmothers I received a call from my aunt that she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer. My sister and I finished the walk and a week later our father told us he was diagnosed with breast cancer as well. Yes, that is not a typo I meant to say MY FATHER. Most people are shocked to learn that men can suffer from breast cancer as well.

Thanks to research and donations from people like you we are now able to test and find ways to prevent breast cancer. I was tested for the BRCCA gene mutation and I did not have it. This only means that my chances are lower of getting breast cancer, but unfortunately in today's world most breast cancer arises from environmental factors or unexplained reasons as it did in my family. My aunt and father were also tested and they also do not have a genetic link to the why did they get? I don't know, but what I do know now is that there are ways I can lower my chances by eating cleaner and using products with safe ingredients on my skin.

So where am I with my pledge to walk every year. I walked in 2012 again. You can read about it here. Well 2013 I unexpectedly was pregnant...blessings are sometimes a BIG surprise then in 2014 I had this beautiful breastfeeding baby and logistically it was not feasible to take him oversees and have him walk 40 or 60 miles with me for this great cause. Then we found out we were moving to DC...there is my chance. NO excuses...the walk is in DC. Easy peasy I will walk and raise more money than ever before. Fast forward to today where I have a slightly torn Achilles tendon and need surgery...wha wha wha. 

No fun right...well luckily I work for an amazing company - Beautycounter. They not only make products that will get you on track to remove unwanted toxins from your daily personal care routine, but they are going to match my fundraising efforts until October 11th up to $25,000. That's right...for every dollar that pops up on this page until October 11th they will match it.  Here is the link to my page:

I am fundraising for the The Breast Cancer Fund - an organization that works to prevent breast cancer by eliminating our exposure to toxic chemicals and radiation linked to the disease. I want to stop breast cancer in its tracks before it starts.

Here are the four ways I am raising money and you can also get started with some incredible and safe products:

1. You are welcomed to make a donation on this site.
2. For every order placed on from Sept. 21 - October 31, 2015 I will make a donation on your behalf for 10% of your order total. If your order is over $200 I will donate 20% on your behalf. I will post each donation under your name once the order is placed on my donation site.
3. Beautycounter's corporate offices will match all donations made by October 11th up to $25,000.
4. You can host a Beautycounter social for me...either live in person or via Facebook and I will also donate 10% or 20% (as explained in #1) of the sales to the Breast Cancer Fund.
I wanted to combine donations with the purchase of products that are made with 100% safe ingredients, as many of the products we use today have toxic chemicals and ingredients that can be directly linked to cancer.
If you have any questions on Beautycounter, The Breast Cancer Fund or this campaign please contact me.
Let's do this...Help me kick breast cancer's butt! 
I will leave you with photos of the people that inspire me to do what I do and fund raise the heck out this cause...(Picture of my Aunt Ine coming soon...I can't find one on this computer)