Monday, June 28, 2010

Sam Perfecting His Morning Smile...

This is Sam's smile at 7 am...after he has been awake and chatting with mommy for about 2 hours.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Baby Group Despedida

For the last couple of weeks we have started to say goodbye to our Maputo "family" and friends. JJ has had parties at work, dinners and colleagues' houses and endless coffee dates. Well I thought....why should the adults have all the fun.

I think Luka and his friends should also be given the opportunity to celebrate their upcoming adventures. As I have mentioned before my Latina friends and I meet every week for a "Baby Group." This week's baby group was a "Despedida" for Max, Nynke and Luka.

Max & Nynke (Paty & Bastiaan's kids) are off to Brazil and Luka will be making is way to Bolivia soon. We hired a face painter to paint the flags on the kids and we had some snacks for everyone. Some of the adults (well Paty and I) even got our faces painted.

Thank you for everyone that attended. The kids really had a great time!

Here is a photo of all the girls....

I managed to hold Luka down for 5 seconds to take a photo...

Here are the "Three Amigos" that we were celebrating...

To see all the photos from the despedida please click here.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Miguel

Miguel, thank you for inviting us to your first birthday party. The three of us really had a good time. I think Luka's favorite part was the face painting. He was very specific on what he wanted. "I want a purple and silver monster face, Luka told the nice lady painting faces - Angela.

Click here to see all the photos from the party.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scenes from Our Weekend & Happy Father's Day

First of all let me start by wishing a Happy Belated Father's Day to all the fathers in my life...especially my hubby JJ. I have to make a big confession. I totally forgot it was Father's Day on Sunday...yes, I know...pretty awful. But to my defense, these days with Sam not sleeping and breastfeeding all day long I sometimes forget to brush my teeth and it is hard to find 5 minutes in a span of 24 hours to take a shower... I am a walking "mombie" (mommy zombie).

Okay, but that is no excuse to forget Father's Day. Baby, you deserve to be celebrated and I promise to make it up to you soon!

This weekend we spent the weekend with the kids and watching World Cup Soccer. Way to go Holland. They won again on Saturday and our friends came over to our "temporary" home to watch the game. I can't believe that our best friends are leaving next Saturday. We were posted here together and their family became our family. Bas, Paty, Max & Nynke: We are going to miss you so you really have to go? This is one part that really sucks about diplomatic life. It has its tremendous perks, but losing your friends that have become your surrogate family is really difficult. I can't imagine making such good friends again. La Paz has a lot to live up to. Our time in Mozambique has been so great and our friends were a major part of it.

On Sunday (Father's Day), which I didn't realize until JJ reminded me (after breakfast!) we woke up and took some pictures of the boys. Sam and Luka are both growing up so fast and I realized that I hadn't really taken any nice photos of them together. Don't they look handsome. Luka is really fascinated with his little brother.

Then we were off to the park. There is a new cafe/park in town that JJ loves (least we could do after I forgot about Father's Day). Here you see Luka proudly showing off his new shirt:

Super exciting stuff huh...I hope I am not totally boring you, but I wanted to show off all these photos of our little men.

Oh and when we got home Sam enjoyed hanging out in his borrowed swing. It is called the "Magical Mobile Swing" and it is really magic. That boy takes at least two naps a day on that thing. It gives mommy time to type silly things on her blog...ha ha ha. Thanks Cherry for lending it to us.

Sam Helps with Laundry

For the next 1.5 months we won't have a washer/dryer where we are
staying and you know how much fun that is with two little kids!

Well thank goodness that my friend has given me an all access pass to
her laundry room. Here I am waiting for the laundry and Sam seems to
be content napping on the spinning dryer. The humming has put him
right to sleep. Do you think my friend will let me install the dryer next to
my bed so I can get some sleep. I will even offer to take care of her
laundry. load is done!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Giving Mommy a Break

It has taken many hours of training, but we finally got Sam to take the "dummy" a few times a day. I can't say that he is in love with it...he prefers the real thing...but at least it gives me a couple of breaks during the day.

Sam Learns to Smile

He has done it a couple of times...but this is the first time I caught it on camera! What a cute smirk...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy One Month Sammy

Hey month today. Well done! You are grown up so much. You are already weighing 4.61 kg (over 10 lbs.)!!! Today I think you smiled for the first time. Your dad saw you smile as we just have to figure out how to get you to do it more often.

You still are feeding like a mad man...please give mommy a break. For month two the project will be to get you to eat every couple of hours instead of all day. I will work on it with you.

We love you and your Big Brother Luka is fascinated and intrigued by you and doesn't miss a moment to kiss you, touch you or try to make your hands and feet clap. He loves to do that. He also keeps asking me why you don't have teeth or talk yet. We will work on that.

Happy One Month Birthday!

For photos from Sam's first month click here.

Sam & Mommy at the Park

An afternoon in the park on Sam's One Month Birthday!

Moving Day - Part Four

Okay, so it took us 4 days for the movers to pack up and load our
house into the container. 325 boxes/items later I realized we have too
much "stuff."

Wow, that means I have to unpack 325 items in our new home...can't wait!

Here is a photo of Luka as he claims his title as the "King of the

Friday, June 11, 2010

A Little Sad...

This is our first move from a posting and I didn't realize how hard it
would be.

We arrived to Mozambique as newlyweds and we are leaving as a family
of four! We have also made such good friends that have become our
family. I can't imagine making those close bonds again! I made friends
this close once before and it was in Miami where I had lived my whole
life, so I don't know if I will have the same luck a third time.
Amiguis las voy a extranar a todas!

Then there is the house. Luka took his first steps in that house, had
his birthday parties there, slept in his first big boy bed, learned to
throw a ball, etc. Just last night he was asking me to go back home.
How do you explain all this to a 3 year old. Well I tried, and I think
he understood.

For now I leave you with a photo of the chaos that is our house at the
moment. Thank you honey for taking care of everything while I hang out
with Sam.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sam @ 4 Weeks

Yesterday Sam turned a whole 4 weeks! Here you can see him on my lap
right after dinner...doesn't he look full?

Moving Day

Today we packed up our house and moved into temporary housing. I can't
believe how fast time has gone by.

I have been really worried about Luka and how all these changes would
affect him...but here you can see that he is really happy and adapting
well. I guess it helps that the apartment/hotel we are staying in has
an amazing play area for kids!

I apologize for the short posts...but I am uploading this from my
phone and typing takes way too long.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Get Up & Dance

On Saturday Luka's school celebrated "Dia de Crianca" - Children's Day and Luka and his friends were busy performing all the songs they have learned at school. Many of the songs, like this one, are in Changan - one of the local languages spoken here in Maputo.

Luka particularly loves this song as you can see from his enthusiasm to jump up and be the first one to get up and dance. I hope you enjoy watching Luka and his moves as much as I did.

This boy has loved dancing and music since the moment he came into our lives and his love for anything with a beat continues....

Friday, June 04, 2010

Sam's First Passport Photo

This week we are busy working on getting Sam's American and Dutch passports. We had to take him to get his passport photo done and one of the few places in town is the Chinese Kodak shop. The woman there LOVES to photoshop. If you notice Sam's face looks a little stretched out, but still cute, right? Well, this is the photo that will go in his American passport.

I tried to instill a little bit of tradition and I put Sam in the same shirt that Luka was wearing when he took his first passport photo in the same shop. As I am typing this I am realizing that this is something my mom would always do. If you look at photos from when my sister and I were little it seems that Moqui wore the same thing I did...for example in our Kindergarten photos we are wearing the same dress and like that there are many more examples. I think that as we got older my sister decided she wanted to wear her own clothes...actually as we got older I started to take her clothes.

This was Luka's photo taken in January 2008.

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Sam taking a nap in his Mozambican bassinet...