Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Hubby

Well, today JJ and I are only one year apart...yes, my hubby is still younger than me. Please join me in wishing JJ a Happy 31st Birthday! And if we were in Holland you would be wishing me a Happy Birthday too and I would be also saying congratulations to everyone that is related to JJ. That is one of those "Dutch" traditions that I am still getting used to. Thank goodness you just have to say congratulations and not buy a present for everyone!

It is JJ's second birthday in Maputo and my gosh how time flies! Who would have thought that last year when we were drinking tequila and jumping in the pool at JJ's Birthday Party, that we would be waking up for midnight feedings just a year later. Life has definitely changed, but we can honestly say that we are so happy and are blessed with everything Mozambique has given us....especially Luka. He is so darn cute!

JJ, I love you and I hope that all of your wishes came true today, mine already have!

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