Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Luka's Attempt at Standing Up

This video was taken last week. Luka really likes to stand up in his playpen...although it only last a little while before he goes into a complete straddle...he sure has fun doing it.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Letter to Luka

We will be heading to Miami on Thursday..llook how excited Luka was when we told him the news. The three of us can't wait to get there and see everyone. This trip home will be extra special with Luka. I think Luka's cousin - Maxwell - is getting really excited with his arrival. Grandpa recently sent us another letter Maxwell had written for Luka...enjoy.

Dear Luka,

I wanted to write this letter to you to discuss our grandparents here in Miami. I know you are the last baby in the family and the flavor of the week. Grandma and grandpa are crazy printing pictures of you and making calendars with your picture on it, sending boxes with presents to Mozambique, etc, etc, etc.

Grandma even says you are very "photogenic". I dont know what the hell that is, but I know its good, because she smiles when she says it. Lets make one thing clear. You are my cousin and I love you, but I'm older than you and there are things to know and certain rules you are going to have to follow:

1) Grandpa is crazy, but that is good. He is the one you want to call if you want to play and do crazy stuff. He has some kind of early dementia, so he lets you play with water, food, toys and even tools. You can call him "abu" or "pepe" or "yeyo", but he will respond to any sound you make. Also, he can only see from one eye, so stay on his right side, so he can see you better. Make sure when he feeds you, you open your mouth wide, because lately he is pointing the spoon to my nose or my left ear.

2) As soon as you get here you will meet Grandma. She is very sweet and gentle, but she is TOTALLY deaf. If you want to make yourself heard make sure you yell your lungs out and make noises. You will be the one answering the phone and telling her that someone is kicking out the front door. Also I know you dont see that in Mozambique, but you will become adicted to "General Hospital" and the Food Channel.

3) I dont want to sound jelous, but remember they are my grandparents too. Make sure they still keep an eye (in the case of grandpa) on me during your visit. I can't wait for your arrival so they can see you in person. I'm happy because I will see you for the first time, but also because grandma and grandpa will stop talking 24/7 about the new grandson, how beautiful, how happy, blah, blah, blah.

I love you -


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Letter from Maxwell to Luka

Dear Luka,

Your day will come soon enough. I actually liked my hair how it was. It was always calling attention and people loved to touch it. It was lots of fun! Mommy and daddy decided to cut it after everyone saying it was long enough.

Yeah, I didn't want to cut it...but I knew it would grow back. I pretended to cry and be very upset, so they took me to this really fun place where I they cut my hair and I get to sit on an AIRPLANE. So when your mommy and daddy say, "Okay, today we are going to cut your hair," just start crying like crazy. They will take you to the really cool airplane place and might buy you a toy afterwards.

I can't wait to see you in person. You look really small on the computer screen, but I am sure you are much bigger. Either way we will play and I will show you all my "tricks" with grandma and grandpa.


"Your Cousin"