Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sam in a Dress?

Sam in drag...well, not really. But that is what Sam thought we he saw this picture. It is actually me in 1976 with my grandmother Angeles at (I think) Kmart for a Family Photo Session. The picture has taken quite a beating, but isn't it great!

And doesn't Sammy look exactly like his mom..ME! I know he looks just like JJ now...but we could have been twins back in 1976 no? 

Which brings me to my next observation..isn't genetics CRAZY? If Sam and I looked exactly the same before and he looks just like JJ now then why don't JJ and I have any baby photos that we look similar in. This is such a mystery, no? And why don't JJ and look alike? Yet we created this gorgeous little boy and he looks like both of us.

I don't have the answer to that question..just curious...maybe some of you do.

Just for fun. Here is a photo of Sam for you to compare.