Thursday, October 30, 2014

Halloween Part 1 - Off to Arrendale & Mikah's First Halloween

This year Halloween is broken up into parts. Sort of like birthdays in our house we try to milk this holiday for as long as possible and by we I mean ME. I really love Halloween! Every since I can remember my mom always made sure I had a killer costume for Halloween or at least something I really wanted. She wasn't a seamstress or anything but she always managed to make me a ridiculously cool costume and I never wore a store bought ensemble. Nothing wrong with store bought...especially these days...but back when I was little they were all plastic...again nothing wrong with them, but I lived in was FREAKING HOT.

Well, I have carried the love obsession of Halloween and dressing up into my family (my husband not so his defense he is he has his holidays and I have mine with the kids).

This year we had a Halloween Festival this past weekend at school. Today the kids dress up at school for a parade and tomorrow on Halloween we will go Trick-or-Treating and then to a spooky Halloween Party. Wow, that is a long list, but we have to get good use out of these costumes this year. Some were quite pricey...especially having Luka's costume made by a local seamstress since I am not my mother and don't even know how to sew on a button.

My boys loved Frozen (I did too) and I knew everyone would jump on the Elsa/Anna bandwagon, but I had a feeling that the "men" of Frozen were going to be under-represented in the Santiago Halloween Scene. We decided to be the entire Frozen Family! Luka is Kristoff, Sam is Olaf, Mikah is Sven and because Sven has to eat Mommy dressed up as the only sensible thing...A CARROT. Our buddies Blanca and Lucia were the beautiful Elsa and Anna.

We placed 2nd in the group category at the Halloween Festival...whoo hoo! We have so much fun dressing up every year. Last year we placed 3rd as the bunch from Neverland. You can see pictures here.

Here is a close-up of our little Sven. It is his FIRST Halloween after all. Is that the cutest reindeer you have ever seen or what?

These are all the pictures for is the parade. Luka went as Kristoff, where his best friend Blanca will be Anna. Sam decided to split from the group and dress up as his hero - Bumblebee the Transformer (it was a present from Daddy's recent trip). He will go back to Olaf on Friday.

Well, I am off to school to walk in the parade with the boys and make sure Kristoff has Sven by his side.

Happy Halloween!