Mikah's Weekly Photo Project

Week 25: what a great appetite. now eats one fruit and veggie a day! rolls up a storm.

Week 24: Really, how can we not fall in love with that face. Almost 6 months!

Week 23: Such a big boy. I think those blue eyes are here to stay.

Week 22: Today he ate apples for the first time. Seemed to like it. Five months...how time flies. At the 5-month check up the doc told us he is as big as a 9-month old. All his clothes is 9-12 month.

Week 21: Discovered his feet this week. Started to make "raspberries" all the time. Sticks everything in his mouth.

Week 19: First Halloween. Dressed up as Sven and my older brothers were Kristoff and Olaf. Sat on his own for a few seconds in the tripod position.

Week 18: You have developed your own personality...it is sneaking through your expression in this photo. You are the best little brother like the bib says. You love laughing at your big brothers and letting them amuse you.

Week 17: You continue to go to town on your hands. This week you started blowing bubbles or "making raspberries." It is sooo cute. You also respond when people talk to you. I also noticed that you like to watch and listen to music on TV...hmmm probably not a good idea for you to watch TV just yet.

Week 16: There you are grabbing a toy. You can official hold toys in your hand and you love to stick them in your mouth. You also started to suck on your hands and fingers...you love to do that. You also started to laugh out loud like a CHAMP.

Week 15: Wow, you are such a different baby these days. Sleeping through the night more often during the week. Hanging out on a blanket, listening to conversations...you are really fun to talk to these days.

Week 14: 6.490 kg & 64 cm long. Big boy..as big as a 6-month old baby. He is so different these days. Stays calm longer. Likes to hang out alone for 20-30 minutes at a time a couple of times a day. Making more baby noises.

Week 13: Started to follow you with his eyes! Still working on tummy time, but he holds his head up like a champ.

Week 12: Played with toys from a hanging arch for about 5 minutes...big step. He is sleeping better on MOST nights. Still won't take a bottle!

Week 11: Laughing up a storm. Continues to love his bouncy chair...at least loving it enough to let me make dinner.

Week 10: Sleeping very well. Likes his bouncy chair a little more. Gets cranky at 7 pm like clockwork and 8 pm bath always calms him down. Smiling up a storm and even beginning to laugh.

Week 7: Learned to smile, although you can't really tell in this photo. The colic is getting worse.

Week 6: Stopped sleeping through the night. I think he just wanted to tease us. He drank 4 oz. from a bottle for the first time. Finally, but he won't drink from a bottle with mommy & daddy, just with Naty.

Week 5: Slept through the night a couple of times. At the 5-week up check-up the doctor said he was as big as a healthy 3-month old. I guess the feeding is going well.

Week 4: He is really starting to chunk up. He LOVES to eat.

Week 3: 

Week 2:

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