Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Adoption Day

One year ago today we brought Luka home. We can't hardly believe 365 days have gone by so quickly. Luka has grown so much and our hearts have grown even more with him. I read an article this past weekend about a couple that had adopted...the mother said, "When I had my daughter she grew in my belly...but when I adopted my son he grew in my heart. They are both part of me." That sums up how we feel about Luka. From the moment that little boy went home with us our heart was his. Life has been such an adventure with Luka and everyday is a new discovery. He certainly has come along way from being 8 months and 8 pounds. He is now 20 months and a VERY BIG BOY. He loves to dance, play and talk up a storm. But I think he prefers singing to talking.

Luka, we are so blessed to have you in our lives and today is a very special day for our family. Every year we will celebrate this day and give thanks for being a family! 

Friday, November 07, 2008

Our Postcards from Maputo

We hope you can make it to Opening Night @ 8 pm in Maputo's very unique Nucleo do Arte. You can read more about the venue by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Melissa, Obama & Uncle Sam Spotted in Maputo

And I thought I was going to miss out on Election Night excitement because I was all the way in Mozambique...I was in luck. Obama and Uncle Sam stopped by the Election Party sponsored by the US Embassy. McCain was also there, but he didn't like my shirt so he opted not to take the photo with us.

Congratulations America

Mark your calendars and remember this day! Don't forget what you were doing at this moment. It is such an important day in the history of our country. Just think...40 years from now when people are talking about this day you will want to remember what you were doing on the day Barack Obama was elected to be the 44th President of the United States of America.

I just heard Obama's speech from Chicago and it just assured me that he is absolutely the right person to lead our country at this moment in time. If you didn't listen to his speech, I urge you to get on youtube and take a moment to watch it in its entirety.

JJ, Luka and I were watching from our living room in Mozambique and we were all moved. Looking at all the faces in the crowd you could see how much it meant to those people and everything that was at stake. Even Luka was excited. I know that at 19 months he can't really understand the importance of this occasion, but he was pointing at Obama...saying "bababa" clapping and giving the Obama kisses. He must at least like him right!

As we were watching the festivities Elizabeth arrived to our house. She is our "empregada." She works at our home and watches over Luka. She rushed in and asked....DID HE WIN? It is amazing to see how the entire world was watching this election and Obama's journey. Realistically Obama's victory won't affect her day to day life here in Maputo, but somehow she was filled with hope and happiness. I explained to her how black people in America weren't even able to vote a few decades ago and she was shocked. Actually, I don't think she believed me. 

And for those of my friends that are reading this and not sharing in my happiness...being a Cuban-American from Miami I have many of those...I ask you to be patient and give Obama a chance. Our country has changed and we need a leader that understands the challenges that face this country and will motivate everyone to work together and create solutions.

Congratulations Obama! Congratulations America!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

Get up...go out and vote! I woke up today with the excitement I used to feel when working on a campaign back in Miami. I have been biting my nails all day and I can't concentrate. I don't know if it is because I am all the way in Maputo, Mozambique, but I am so excited and I can't wait to see the results.

Okay, so you know that I am a big Obama fan! So if you are not voting for Obama then stay home...just kidding. No, seriously everyone needs to get out and VOTE. We need to show the world that Americans care about their government!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Luka's First Halloween

Halloween in Maputo was a little hotter this year than usual. It was about 95 degrees and I really didn't think about that when I was planning Luka's 1st Halloween. I was a good mommy and ordered his Halloween costume early to make sure it would get here on time. But little did I know that his costume would make him sweat off all his baby fat. So in the photos from Halloween you will see that Luka has three different costumes:

1. Dragon - my favorite, but too hot to wear outside of the house where we had every air conditioner set to "eskimo."

2. Halloween PJ with Afro Animal - Not sure what that was, but it was damn cute and it was orange and black...perfect for Halloween.

3. Mouseketeer - I must admit this was pretty creative...I had to come up with something that wouldn't make him pass out from a heat stroke. This costume was actually worn on November 1st, when many of the American families in town got together for Trick-or-Treating and other Halloween traditions.

Maputo was full of activities for Luka to celebrate his first Halloween. First he hosted a Baby/Toddler Costume Party at home. He invited all his friends to show-off thier costumes and play some lego. Then it was off to the American School for Oktoberfest, where the PTA merged Beer, Sausages, Candy Hunts, Costume Parades, a Haunted House and a Mummy Wrap all into one event. Then on Saturday Luka and I went to an "American" neighborhood in Maputo to Trick-or-Treat and eat lots of yummy candies that you can't find anywhere in town like Resees Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Twix...okay, so Luka doesn't eat that stuff yet, but JJ and I really enjoyed it.

Make sure to click here to see ALL of the Halloween Photos of Luka and his friends.

PS Feliz Cumpleanos Paty!