Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scenes from our Spring Break Staycation

This past week Chile celebrated its National Festival and the city comes to a complete halt. Festivities are everywhere. You really can't miss it and the boys were excited to celebrate Chile all week long. All week it was, "CHI, CHI, CHI, LE, LE, LE!"

It also happens to be the start of spring and the boys had the entire week off of school to it was our spring break and we had a staycation. JJ's mom and sister were coming to visit, so when everyone was heading out of town (literally everyone leaves) we stayed put and enjoyed time at home and in the city.

Here are some scenes from our staycation...

On Friday after school spring break started off with a play date and the boys and WE learned how to play boccie ball...what a fun game for the whole family. I think we might have to buy a set for the house.
The boys played soccer on Saturday for their new teams at the Universidad Catolica. They are really embracing the soccer culture. Here is Luka singing the Catolica song after practice.
We went to a festival on the weekend and the boys took it upon themselves to wear their huaso outfits. They are very proud of their "adopted" Chilean nationality.
Oma has arrived and Luka's first request was to take her to sushi...the boys' favorite.
After sushi we head to the Bellavista area in search of precious stones for their new rock collection...jackpot! We found some new ones.
We were invited to a BBQ for the 18th Celebration and "Super Sammy" helped me make some delicious cupcakes.
So after we made the cupcakes I said, "Boys, time to go...We have a party to go to...Let's get dressed and pick out something nice to wear." This is what they came up with...the difference between boys and girls!
On the 18th Mikah also turned 3 months and we couldn't let the day end without singing to Mr. Mikah Joseph.
Abuelo and Abuela in Miami also wanted to get in on the they do every month and they sang him Happy Three Months with a homemade cheesecake. They are truly the best!
During the staycation the boys wanted to make breakfast on their own. Here they are eating syrup and that order.
Marielle, JJ's sister, arrived. Here is the whole family (minus a napping Mikah and me, the photographer). This is the first time in almost 18 years that JJ's mom has both of her kids together for this long of a period!!!! Talk about a family reunion and it is also the first time Marielle visits us since we have moved overseas.  
We were pleasantly surprised to find another Chile festival in the park and the boys were happy to chant, "Chi, chi, chi, le, le, le VIVA CHILE CON PURE." I think Sammy thinks he is really Chilean. 
Look who is a big boy now and can sit in the regular seat of the stroller. He enjoyed hanging out in this seat for the first time. 
Anytime there is a stage in the vicinity the boys are attracted to it like magnets. 
I broke down and couldn't resist to sample some artisan chocolate...YUMMY! 
Here Luka is being asked yet again for the 100th time for a photo. This poor kid is harassed all the time. But nowadays he is able to say no on his own. Here he is telling the lady, "No, I don't want to take a photo with you." Good for you Luka...stranger danger. But Sammy was happy to comply. Can you tell in the photo he is saying, "Yo si." 
Here they are taking a selfie. That Sam is a big ham and I think we might need to talk about limits. 
On Sunday we headed to Pomaire, a village about 1.5 hours from Santiago, where clay pottery is in abundance and the empanadas are delicious. 
It was a fun-filled week but tomorrow we go back to school, our routine and enjoy the last 5 days of Marielle's and Oma's visit.

On a side note, I really count myself lucky to be able to spend all these wonderful moments with my THREE boys. Who knows where our next stop will be and if I have to go back to work...for now I will enjoy my family.