Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Luka Gets Advice from His Cousin

Dear Cousin:

I heard from grandpa that you are starting to stand up on your own and also crawling forward. I'm not jealous, but he told everybody in Miami. I know it's important, but he made a very big deal of it and was very emotional about it. I can tell you that he didn't get like that when I started standing up on my own and crawling forward….I never crawled backwards like they do in Mozambique. As your older cousin, I have been walking on my own for a while so I have decided to give you a few tips regarding this new important "step" in your life (did you get the joke.)

Learning to walk is a very important part of your life. Walking you will be able to go places and reach things you can't do now at floor level. You will, like I did after I started walking, drive your mom, dad and grandparents crazy…going to places you are not suppose to go and reaching things you are not suppose to touch.

Here are my tips:

1.DO NOT TOUCH ELECTRIC OUTLETS. My mom covered all the outlets in the house with plastic covers and made grandpa do the same thing at their house. Every time I get close to one and grandpa yells NNNNOOOOO!!! At me I start crying. For some reason electric outlets are not good for babies, so stay the hell away from them.

2. LOOK UP WHEN YOU STAND. Many times I have tried to stand up under a table or a chair and hit my head badly. I know you have a bigger head than mine, but be careful just in case. LOOK UP and try to measure if there is enough space for you and your big head standing up. And remember to do it slowly.

3. LOOSE SOME WEIGHT. I know everybody is saying you are strong and beautiful, but cousin you are fat. Try to loose some weight. Fat people have more difficulty walking. I see this everyday with grandpa and grandma, they are nice and all, but I run faster than them any day! Try to enroll at the local Mozambican Baby Weight Watchers or any other group like that.

I hope you learn from my experiences and my mistakes. See you soon…hopefully in July and then we will see who can run faster at that point.



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Anonymous said...

Super Funny, as usual. Can't wait to see you guys!