Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Our Trip to Miami

Our family made its first trip to Miami as a threesome. The holiday was anything but boring. We took Luka on his first airplane ride...he was baptized...we went to Disneyworld...he went shopping at Ikea for the first time...he met his family and tons of friends...and let's not forget his emergency hospital stay. Yes, Luka likes to keep us on our toes. Oh and did I mention that Grandpa also went to the hospital for a while. Thank goodness that everyone is now safe and sound at home and recovering. We hope our next trip to Miami is full of relaxing days on the beach with the whole family and less hospitals. Although the trip was a little crazy, we loved hanging out with Luka and all of our friends and family. Thank you to everyone that made our trip special. I am still working on all of the photos, but here is a video of Luka's first flying adventure from Maputo to Miami.

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