Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Finally...Birth Prints for the Boys

Hello...is this thing broken? So it has been FOREVER since I posted on this blog. Yes, we are still alive and we are actually now living in Bethesda, Maryland...just a hop skip and a jump away (15 minutes) from Washington, DC - our nation's capital.

If you haven't been watching the news or the constant stream of photos on Facebook, Instragram, etc. we just survived Blizzard 2016. To say there was a lot of snow is an understatement. Maybe if I get inspired I will post photos later today on this site. 

Keeping up with this site and three little boys has been IMPOSSIBLE, but I do miss posting.

Today I finally completed a project I had on my to-do list for years. So there you have it....Luka is 8, Sam is 5 and Mikah is 1.5 but here are their birth/adoption prints. I think being stuck inside the house made me go through some piles and complete some long overdue projects.