Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Summer School in Santiago

The International School in Santiago tries to follow the American school calendar as much as possible, while at the same time taking advantage of the seasons. This results in a very long 2-month break from December - February! I never realized how long 2 months actually was.

To make it even more interesting this year we cut our Miami visit a little short due to JJ's work schedule and we actually wanted to enjoy our last summer season in Santiago. We had never really been in the city during this time of year...and BOY it is it hot!

But it does give us the chance to actually use our pool that before this summer had been used maybe three times. Ever since we returned from Miami I think the boys have gone in the pool almost everyday. But the pool was not enough to keep them busy and keep my sanity.

Entertaining two little boys and a baby with no friends in town and a messy house is daunting...so summer camp it was.

Well, the school refers to it as Summer School, but it is more of a camp. 

The boys had an amazing time. They both had different experiences. Sam was all about playing with water and running around with his new friends...especially a new lady friend...it was very cute.

Luka explored his creative side with Theater Class, Ted Talks and Zumba. I have to say I was impressed with the summer camp...the only part that disappointed me was that it only lasted two weeks and was only from 9 am - 1 pm. But hey, better than staying home all day.

Here is a photo tour of summer school...

This was Sam everyday.
Luka made new friends as the camp had kids from area schools. We will invite them this week for a summertime play date. Funny...he seems to gravitate to Spanish kids. And he gets home with their accent. He is a language sponge. 
Play It Up Theater was great. On the last day they performed skits written by the students. 
Sam learned (tried to) jump rope. 
Sam also made new friends. She was very cute, but when we invited her to come over for a play date after Sam asked me everyday for a week straight. What does he do when she arrives??? Yes, acted like a total boy and called her a poopie head and told her they couldn't play. Luckily Luka and his friend were delighted to play with her. I think he really liked her and this was his way of "showing" his affection. 
I think Luka danced for 14 days straight. Here he is dancing to Celebration during an impromptu group number with the entire camp. 
I think Ted Talks was his favorite class. The group worked on a collaborative video answering and pondering life's important questions. It was great. The teacher promised she would share...still waiting, but here you see Luka introducing the video to the parents. 
Some brainstorming art to prepare... 
Luka ended everyday with Zumba. He was a natural. 
I hope we can find a great camp like this on our next post.

Now back to enjoying summer in Santiago. Next week is our last week of holiday and I hope to take the boys to some new places in Santiago.

Stay tuned...

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