Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Spin Art Confession

Over the holidays we went to Miami and every time we return from vacation overseas, the day before we leave I look at all of our things and swear it is NOT going to fit in our suitcases. Somehow after lighting a candle and praying to the suitcase god for a miracle it makes it back home with us and everything fits.

This holiday season was no different. Now with THREE boys we had more Christmas presents than we necessary and of course I complained (I sound pretty ungrateful...but remember I am the one tasked with the packing).

We received presents from EVERYONE...from people I didn't expect...from people I had never met. One of these families were my dad's best friends from Cuba. I hadn't met them because they had moved from Cuba in the last year and I was here in Chile. I was so embarrassed when they took out presents for the entire family...yes JJ and I as well. I didn't have anything for them. Que embarrassing!

Well, let me tell you their present was a HIT and it has been a life saver here in Chile. Both Sam and Luka love it, their friends that come over love it and I love that I can use their masterpieces for other things such as birthday cards, valentine cards, art on the wall, etc.

This Spin Art set also takes me back! Okay, this is for all the Miami folks. I remember going to Santa's Enchanted Forest and the Dade County Youth Fair and begging my parents to let me just do one Spiral/Spin Art Painting at the booth. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world...well that and an Elephant Ear (you guys that know what I am talking about just got a little hungry).

Well, thank you Manolo & Linda for the unexpected but amazing gift. It keeps my boys busy and happy. It also reminds me of some of the joys of being a kid...that many times in the daily grind of taking care of my three little beautiful monsters I tend to forget.

This is the set. I am telling you...great investment for the kiddos:
Just in case you were wondering the masterpieces at the top of the post belong to Sam and Luka!

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