Thursday, February 26, 2015

Escape to Zapallar

About a month ago we finally had the opportunity to escape to Zapallar, one of the beach towns about 2 hours from Santiago. We have heard this place was great, but I didn't realize how much I would like it. We only spent the day there and plan to go back one more time for a weekend before we move in May. I really hope we can make this happen.

Zapallar is a small, really small, town with beautiful houses, rocky beach cliffs and a stretch of beach that made me feel like we were back in Mallorca, Spain (one of our favorite places on earth). You can't access the beach with a car so you have to walk there and it makes if feel all the more special. As you are waking there the walk teases you with beautiful views and you feel as you are being guided to a secret place. Really spectacular!

It has all the charm of a small town, but don't let that charm fool you. It is expensive and very exclusive. "La creme de la creme" of Santiago, Chile own houses in Zapallar for their weekend escapes.

When we arrived we had lunch at one of two restaurants in town, El Chiringuito. We didn't have a reservation and we were 9...BIG MISTAKE. Next time we need to make a reservation, but I think they saw our hungry kids and baby and managed to squeeze us into an table inside (no view) but hey it was a table. I am glad they did because the fish was amazing. Really the best fish I have had in Chile thus far. The menu was simple but everything was fresh and delicious.

Here are the boys outside the restaurant posing for a silly photo.  

Some of the views as we were walking to the beach from the restaurant. Note: If you eat at the restaurant you can leave your car there for the day while you spend time on the beach. Also important to note that it is foggy until 2-3 pm so having lunch first is a good plan.

 Now, tell me this doesn't look like Mallorca? How how I miss you Camp de Mar!  

Here are the boys walking to the secret beach...well not really a secret, but that is what it feels like!

 View of the beach. Here I was also having flashbacks not only of Mallorca, but of my trip to Cinque Terra in Italy. Okay, I miss Europe a little bit...can you tell? We missed our European summer adventure due to Mikah's birth and I hope to get our fix in this August. 

Guess who loves the beach? The sun is brutal after 3 pm. Thank goodness there is a man renting beach umbrellas with UV protection. Only 3,000 CLP (about 5 USD)...great deal!

The boys spent the entire day running around the beach, playing in the sand and having rock climbing adventures. The water is really cold, no really it's cold not just for this Miami girl. My friends from Europe also thought it was cold. It is also kind of rough so better for the kids to play on the shore, but they enjoyed it so much they were asking me when we are going back.

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