Wednesday, May 07, 2014

A Few Weeks Left to "Baby" My Baby

I think Sam is the most excited with this baby. He is always kissing my belly...asking me questions about the baby...telling me what he is going to do with his little brother. It really melts my heart when he walks into my room just to kiss my belly.

In addition to the excitement we also have had a couple of behavior issues. He is very whiny, wants all of my attention, is jealous of his big brother, it takes forever to get him to agree on outfits in the morning... I know this is completely normal and I really have to try to look at the big picture on why he is acting like this, but man this parenting this is hard sometimes. Luka wasn't jealous at all so this is new territory for me.

I am trying to do things with him alone before the baby comes and once he arrives I will try and find time to do things with Luka and Sam that even possible? I would love to hear from other parents of 3+ kids out there.

When Sam arrived it was fairly easy for me to carve out time to spend alone with Luka...but now I suspect it will be VERY hard.

I love my little Sammy and he is always going to be my baby...just like Luka is as well. But Baby Boy will need extra attention for awhile and I am worried that my other boys will feel neglected...

Photo strip was taken at Kidzania a couple of weeks ago while Luka was running around with his friends. Sam and I stepped in for a private photo session for just the two of us. He loved it!

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