Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A Perfect Santiago Sunday

Once in a while there aren't any BBQs, school events, birthday parties, things to fix around the house, handymen to wait for, work to do and you can explore the city and take your time to enjoy the day. Honestly, this doesn't happen often, but a couple of weeks ago it did and the four of had a great Sunday.

As you can see from the photo above Luka was ready to go and wanted to get the perfect outfit. Here is what we did on our Santiago Sunday....

We headed to Tiramisu - our favorite pizza place in the city. It is a little pricey, but worth it and totally deserved on our special day. We arrived a little early, but luckily there was a little fair on the street close by so we perused while we waited for our table to open up.
Do you think we have enough food on the table? Lunch was delicious! If you live in Santiago you have probably been to eat at this Italian restaurant...if not...WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
At the time Luka was studying the Solar System at school....the "Planetario" was the place to go. I was pleasantly surprised. It is small and perfect for small kiddos...not super high tech, but it has some interactive exhibits, a craft room/activity for kids, 3D movie and the dome with the stars and planets was AWESOME. 
"Mom, where is Chile?"
"Hey, I am an astronaut guys." 
Don't we look goofy? 

From there we were on our way home, but not before a nice walk to the metro. Here is Estacion Central...actually the first time we walked by it. Nice building.
We found a vendor selling these cute hats. Luka went with Angry Birds and Sam a pitufo (or otherwise knows as a Smurf in English).
We arrived back on the Metro and here we are walking back to our car parked in Daddy's office. JJ works in a lovely part of town.

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