Saturday, September 21, 2013

Lucky Year 7 & History of Our Blog

Can you believe that is has been 7 years since my first post? I first posted to this blog on September  5, 2006. You can see the post here. Okay, so I haven't been that consistent at times and honestly the content was a little more exciting before the arrival of the kiddos. But I amaze myself with the fact that I have kept up with something for seven years!

Growing up I always tried to keep a diary, then I called it a journal...but really what would happen I would crack open a brand new Hello Kitty Diary or later a beautiful suede journal and write in it for a couple of days and then NOTHING. I would forget about it...well until something horrible happened then I would write in it again.

What I found was a collection of unhappy moments and seriously over dramatized events so I decided I wasn't a journal type of girl.

Well, what this blog taught me is that I might be a "journal" type of girl...I just want everyone to read my journal. Okay, so I also learned I am a bit of an exhibitionist and maybe a little crazy, but aren't we all?

So this little blog...has had many faces and names. When we lived in Mozambique the header looked something like this...and I called it From Miami to Mozambique: The Diary of a Diplomat's Wife. I thought it had a nice ring to it and well I never thought I would have moved from Miami to Mozambique, but I did so why not tell the world, no?

Then we moved to Bolivia and I asked on facebook what I should call the blog and a very smart friend or maybe it was friends (our friends Edgar and Charles came up with the idea...but I think each like to take the credit) suggested Bloglivia: The Diary of a Diplomat's Wife. I thought it was perfect and very clever. So the blog header looked like this...

But a couple of weeks after we arrived I changed it to this photo since the photo above wasn't really mine...oops:

Then 1 year and 10 months later we were told we were moving to Chile. Then I sort of put the breaks on this whole changing the name thing because from a marketing standpoint (okay so I don't really market the blog, but I will always be a marketing/pr person at heart) this whole changing the name thing with every post wasn't doing anything for my "brand." Laughing a little as I type that...but yes, the van Herksen family brand. So the name was now One Country at a Time: The Diary of a Diplomat's Wife and the header looked like this...

Through every header change and all the titles the address was always (doesn't work anymore) and really I never really liked that the blog address had our last name in today I changed it and I think it will stay like this forever or until my little fingers are done typing posts for all the world to see (or at least just my family and friends). 

Another reason for the change in name is that Diary of a Diplomat's Wife was very misleading on many levels. At first glance you would think I would be sipping champagne and snacking on caviar and every social event in town. Not the case. Also, the hubby works for the Foreign Ministry of the Netherlands and technically (long explanation) he is not a diplomat in their books. Yes, we have diplomatic plates everywhere we go and he works at embassies but when you came down to the nuts and bolts that is not his title. And lastly the blog was really a collection of stories, photos and anecdotes from our life as a family. For those reasons and probably others I can't think of right now....drum roll please..........

The official name of the blog is Diary of an Expat Family: One Country at a Time. You can reach the blog by going to or I think it is much more appropriate and it will be fitting no matter where we live or where this crazy adventure takes us.

I hope to revamp the look of the site, but now the name will always travel with us wherever we go. 

So, now you have the whole story, whether you wanted to know or not.

PS Whew...thank goodness I saved those headers. I thought they were long gone, but it pays to be a digital pack rat.

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