Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Moqui

Well, little sis...are you done laughing yet? This photo is pretty hilarious or pathetic, but either way I wanted to make you laugh on this very special birthday! Never mind those crazy antennas on my head. My freaking shirt says "Flashdancer" and I think I might be flashing a little. And you wow you always sported some SERIOUS bangs. I could never pull those off, hence my super stylish part down the middle with goofy headband. Man, we needed a major fashion intervention. Okay, but fast forward to today.

Is my little sister really 35? Say it isn't so...that means I am OLDER. But this is about you, not me. I really hope you are having an amazing birthday and really the reason behind this silly photo is because when I realized that this was the 6th birthday in a row that I had missed I was a little sad. So I thought a little laughter was in order.

Even though I am not there to wish you a happy birthday in person and give you a big wet sloppy kiss (I know how much you love those) I want you to know that even though you are my little sister you are also my hero and damn girl you are a rock star!

Okay, so I am the big sister...and yes I criticize and may be a little bossy at times, but come on I have a rep to protect as the older sibling, but you know I love you right!

More importantly and I am uber proud of you and what you have accomplished. I really don't know how you do it, but maybe one day you can teach me. Every time you win a case I brag to my friends about it. Just yesterday I was Skyping with a friend in Miami and she was telling me how grateful she was that now her therapy for her autistic son was covered by the State of Florida. She said, "Someone went to court and now they pay for it." I almost exploded out of the computer, "YES YES, that was my sister that went to court to fight for your son." Wow, that was an amazing big sister moment there.

You are also an amazing mother to Maxwell and Evan and they are so lucky to have a smart lady like you as their mommy. But one of the things that I love about you, is that no matter how smart you are, you never lose your silly side. You know the one that sticks her foot in her mouth at best moments or the one that trips as she goes to accept an award (have you done that lately or just when you go to collect your 3rd place ice skating medal). 

I miss you sis and although I wouldn't trade my life for anything being away from my family is the hardest part of this very blessed life I lead.

Moqui, you are the best and I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday Little Sis.

PS Luka and Sam wanted to sing Happy Birthday to you on the phone, but I told them you weren't available until way after their bed time because you were at Disney. They were not amused at all and kind of upset you didn't invite them to your Mickey Birthday Party...ha ha ha. You got some "splaining" to do.

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