Thursday, September 12, 2013

"Following The Leader, The Leader"

I love my conversations with my boys...but this one tonight with Luka made me especially proud. Lately Luka is humming the tune from Peter Pan "Following the leader, the leader, the leader. Following the leader...wherever he may go." And today I think he finally got what that meant. Well, that was until his last comment (read below). 

Either way I am so proud of the little boy and the way he is able to talk to me. I know it won't last forever so it is important to documents these little conversations of "our history."

Luka: Mom, I have a problem. The kids in my class all want to play with me at centers and they follow me around at recess. And Mom I can't play with everyone.

Me: Luka, that is awesome, that means that your friends like you and they have fun when they play with you. Sweetie, that is going to come in handy when you are older. (So I asked him: You know who had people follow them when they were younger)

Luka: You? (Awww, he thinks people followed me)

Me: Well, sometimes maybe but no, not me. He is a great leader?...

Luka: Obama (I was so proud that he thought of him)

Me: Yes! When he was younger people followed him and look now he is president.

Luka: Mom, I want to be president...(Okay, this is not a good time to tell him he can't be president of the US or Holland because he wasn't born there...don't what to shatter his dreams)

Me: Exactly CAN be president!

Luka: Luka Obama...that sounds good. Mom, I want to change my name?

Me: Really, you want to change your name to Obama? (I already have campaign slogans running through my head at this point)

Luka: No, I want to change my name to Michael.

Me: Huh...why Michael?

Luka: Because Mommy, I am the only Luka in my class. 

Okay, this whole lesson of being a leader and standing out just flew out the window...gotta love a six year old. I truly think he got it, but like any 6 year old he wants to be "like" his friends.

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