Thursday, August 15, 2013

Super Easy Recipe & Delicious: Sweet & Sour Chicken

This morning I received this recipe from one of my favorite and prettiest cooking blog. Really everything is so beautiful that it jumps off the screen. The recipe looked delicious but you had to have Kraft Recipe Makers....uhhhh oh....not in Chile we don't!

But I was left longing for home-made Sweet & Sour Chicken so I sort of tweaked the recipe and made it at home.

This is what I did different from the recipe, which you can see here. I have to start off by saying that my fridge & kitchen were kind of empty, but we managed to substitute some things:
- sprinkled salt on the chicken before I dipped in egg/cornstarch batter
- didn't have pineapples so I added two tomatoes (nothing like pineapples, but had to put something in it for the boys to eat)
- also I didn't have red peppers, used green peppers
- when cooking veggies I added salt, pepper, ginger, red pepper flakes & a regular bottled sweet & sour sauce...oh and light soy sauce...made a huge difference!
- we ate with brown rice instead of white rice.

Next time I will be more prepared and have the proper ingredients, but it was pretty darn delicious. I wanted to share this easy recipe with everyone.

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