Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dance Party Coming Soon...

Pretty soon we will be dancing with DJ Lance (he is coming to the party...hmmm) and celebrating Sam's 3rd Birthday. Yes, my teeny tiny baby is turning three...please say it isn't so.

This year's theme was all Sam. I didn't even know he was such a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba. Yes, we started watching recently but I was sure that when I asked him, "Sam, so what kind of birthday party do you want this year?" he was going to say "MALOS" or "JAKE" or "POWER WAAANJA." I was pleasantly surprised when he said "GABBA GABBA" and "MAMA TU FUFA."

So next week we will be dancing and playing games. Sam is slated to be Plex and I managed to find a Fufa hat to wear for the party. He is very excited.

He really didn't have much input in the themes for his first two birthdays. 

His first birthday party was a tribute to "Green Eggs & Ham" and the line "Sam I am". Luka and I used to love to read that book with Sam and he seemed to giggle when the name Sam came up. In this case the decision was all Mommy's (mine). It was a small get together in our apartment in La Paz. You can read about it here.

For his second birthday we organized a PJ's & Pancake Breakfast. We were moving and living in a hotel at the time so it had to be small and simple. Sam loves pancakes so it seemed like a good fit.

This marks a special birthday because Sam has been talking about his Gabba Gabba party for weeks now and everyday he asks if the party is today. He is also, for the first time, excited about inviting friends from pre-school. It is really cute to hear him ask if they are coming over today for "gabba gabba."

Sam, you won't have to wait much longer sweetie.

PS It has been tough to find things from Yo Gabba Gabba in Chile. I think most of the things will be "home-made."

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