Sunday, April 21, 2013

Scenes from Our Weekend...

This weekend...we did lots of things, but I seemed to have forgotten my camera...oops! Friday night started off with a bang. We hosted a small dinner for JJ's Birthday. I managed to whip up some appetizers (thank you to my friend Cathryn for the ideas and coaching) and we ordered Sushi from one of our favorite places for the main entree. It was a complete success and we were up late listening to all sorts of music and reminded ourselves of how old we really are. I might have sang Vanilla Ice, but I am not admitting to anything! 

I really should have taken time I promise.

Saturday, the boys were up EARLY...Like 6:30 am early! Our friends that live far away and didn't want to drive had spent the night so I thought the best thing to do would be to take the boys out. They were particularly noisy. So as early as I could the boys and I were off to yard sales around town (didn't find anything exciting, but did buy a vintage Sleeping Beauty book). We came back for lunch and picked up JJ for a trip to the mall. 

We had an important pick up this new bad boy.
JJ's birthday present. Thank you to all those that contributed! JJ (we) are really excited to start using the newest member of our kitchen. So many possibilities...

Saturday ended with a new tradition in our house - MOVIE NIGHT! But for the movie night we opened up our couches into beds and cuddled during the whole movie. Luka and Sam thought this was the greatest thing in the world. I can't tell you how excited they were and how they are looking forward to movie night next week. Sometimes making your kids happy is soooo easy.

Sunday was a lazy day...BIG TIME. We didn't leave the all. I had big plans to go on a picnic, but they boys were having so much fun playing and it had been weeks since we stayed home on the weekend. I whipped up a delicious quiche for lunch. I finally know how to make a quiche....yay!

After lunch Luka and JJ went on a bike ride. Luka can know ride all on his own, stop and has great control. Yay did it! Sam wanted in on the action too so we tried to keep up while Sam rode his plastic scooter. All around a great day!

PS I really wish I would have taken photos while the boys were outside riding bike. The colors were amazing and the street was lined with fallen leaves, but JJ and I had left both our phones at home.

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