Sunday, April 14, 2013

Scenes from Our Weekend...

Friday night started off with our Mozambican Dinner with some friends from JJ's office. We used one of Jamie Oliver's recipe for Piri Piri Chicken with Feta Potatoes & Pastel de Nata for dessert. You can find the recipes here. But I am warning you the recipe was HOT! My favorite part of the meal was the pastel de nata. It brought back so many memories of Maputo. While we were there (but since this place has closed) the best place for a fresh pastel was Cafe Continental...yummy!

Saturday morning we lazied around the house a little and then it was off to the mall to look for a new food processor/ know for my new found love of cooking. I only have a handheld one and I think life would be easier with a bigger food processor. At the mall we bumped into our friends and had an ice cream break. The kids found a space to sit in front of Luka can't really touch the knives right behind his head. I didn't realize it until my husband pointed them out.
While at the mall I spotted this coffee table. We are in the market for one and haven't found the perfect one yet. What do you think about this one?
After the mall we dropped off Luka at Mampato (Kid's Amusement Park) with his bestie Emilio and his family. Man, does he love that place! A little better than Chuck E. Cheese, but still not one of my favorite places to go.
Sunday morning started off great with pancakes, some TV and laughs...but then the boys decided they weren't going to go to church. I was too tired to fight them on this one and decided to go with the flow. Probably not my best parenting moment. Around noon we jumped in the car to explore the city a little. Apparently Sam was still tired from his early wake-up call and by "call" I mean his internal clock telling him that it is okay to wake up while it is still dark outside.

We were off to the market and Sam was already in Dreamland! 
The market was great. We stocked up on a couple of items that we knew were more expensive at the grocery store. We saved a ton by buying some of our veggies, fruits and nuts at the "feria." Some of the things have a 50% mark-up at the grocery store...kind of crazy. Life in Chile is ridiculously expensive.
From there we went to lunch. We tried out a new place for the whole family - Cafe Arbret. The food was okay, but the boys had a "ball" playing there for over one hour. Who knew that a pit of plastic balls could make my boys so happy. We had the place to ourselves...apparently Sunday is a slow day.

We ended our Sunday with a "Leftover BBQ" with our favorite neighbors. We invited our friends over and cooked our left overs from the week. Once we combined our freezers and pantries we ended up with a tasty eclectic menu:
- Brazilian Beef on the BBQ
- Turkey Burgers Patties
- Penne Rosa Pasta (also a Gluten-Free version)
- Avocado/Tomato Salad
- Oven Roasted Potatoes
- Ice cream & Chocolate Rice Krispy Treats for Dessert

The best part of Sunday leftovers is that we had enough left over for everyone's lunch tomorrow!

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