Monday, April 29, 2013

Scenes from Our Hectic Weekend

Wow, can you say jam packed? Our weekend started on Friday afternoon and it was full throttle from there. I am not was fun and the boys had a blast. We even managed to fit in a fever and some sick time along with all of these activities.

Above you can see Luka at the Student-Led Conference on Friday. Our boy is going great and he was very proud and excited to show us different activities they do in class. This is the mystery word game. I have a feeling we will be playing a lot at home.

Right after the conference we raced back home to pick up Sam and then we were off to be ninjas at Borja's Birthday Party (Luka's classmate).  Borja's mom really created a beautiful party!
Luka and Sam with their best bud Emilio. I think Emilio and Luka are supposed to be ninjas like in the photo above but they look more like Ninja Turtles...ha ha.
Saturday morning we woke up early to prepare for our first "Dutch Free Market" you can read all about that experience here. Here is a photo of when they crowned Luka the new KING of Holland during the music performance. He had a super cute Queen at his side, no?
From there we raced (we were already fashionably late) to Heath's Pirate Party. We arrived just in time for the piñata. Here you can see Sam trying to break the piñata and JJ trying to stay out of his path of destruction.
Guess what happened at the party...Luka was jumping on the trampoline and kind of kicked himself in the mouth and off came his front tooth...the remaining front tooth. I don't think it was going to fall off for another couple of weeks. It might have been a little painful, but 5 minutes later he was fine. Whew....
From the party it was off to Kid's Cutz for daddy and Sam to get a haircut. Sam loves going there but from his faces in these photos you would never know it.
Sunday morning Luka woke up with a fever and wasn't feeling so well so the boys stayed home for some resting and quality time and I went to a local craft fair with my friend Linda. She is a serious crafter (sewing, embroidery, knitting and much more). I sort of love paper and like to admire everyone's creations. The colors at the event were gorgeous and bought a couple of craft projects to do with the boys. The yarns were amazing...I am seriously considering learning how to knit. 
I was worried about the boys, but look at the photo I received from JJ. Looks like Luka is better and you can see his new beautiful smile minus some teeth.
Another cute toothless photo of Luka...
Once I arrived it was JJ's turn to have fun and he went for a bike ride. When he got back Sam didn't miss the opportunity to put on daddy's gear. I think he really wants to learn how to ride bike.

I tried something knew for dinner. We made Pork Veggie Stir Fry with a sweet sauce made from honey, oyster sauce and light soy sauce. Delicious!

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