Sunday, April 28, 2013

Our First Dutch Free Market

In Holland a "Free Market" or Vrijmarkt as they call is a long time tradition on Queensday (pretty soon it will be a Kingsday) or at some point during that week. There are places designated throughout the city where kids can sell their toys and things. The prices are symbolic and things are given away for almost free. It is a fun family activity celebrated in the whole country.

Luka attends Dutch School every week and they decided to organize their own Free Market to celebrate the upcoming coronation this week...did you know Holland will have a new king and queen? Very exciting stuff...and the new queen is from Argentina! 

The van Herksen family participated in their first Vrijmarkt. Luka & Sam looked through their toys and set aside some things to sell. Although Sam was very hesitant to part with things once we got there. We were also asked to bring something savory to sell...hmmmm I was at a loss as to what to bring. Well I decided to make empanadas for the first ever! I was pleasantly surprised with the results....we sold a ton. I made two flavors: Cuban Picallo & goat cheese, tomatoes with herbs.
Sam was very happy with his popcorn. 
The boys also went around to see if there were any goodies they wanted to buy from their friends. Yes, we came home with some new toys and books.

Sam took his brother's crown for a while...doesn't he make a cute little prince! 
The kids from Dutch school put on a little performance. Luka played the part of the King. They crowned him during the song..he was so proud. But in this photo you can see he was shivering. My poor baby was getting sick...he came home with a fever that day. As always Luka was a great sport. 
Here is the big moment...can you see his grin? He loved every minute of it.
First African king for Holland...
Here is Luka sporting the crown he made at Dutch school. I love that little smirk.
The photo bug has bit Luka. He never misses an opportunity to snap pictures with my phone.
Our first Free Market was a big success and we had a blast. Maybe one day we will be able to participate in Holland.

In a couple days we (I am including myself...kind of honorary Dutch by now) will have a new King and Queen....whoo hoo!

To see more photos from our First Free Market Day click here.

UPDATE: Luka's teacher from Dutch school posted this video. Check out Luka's expression. 

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