Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby, Daddy & Best Friend (aka JJ)

Today was JJ's 36th Birthday...finally he is starting to sound a little older. I will always be older but now that he is over 35 he doesn't sound so much younger. Maybe I am just crazy! 

As you can see from the photo above the boys were very excited to celebrate with daddy, but before this photo was taken there was lots of preparation...let me give you the photo tour.

I prepared "Skinny" Cuban Picadillo for JJ. I thought he would like this "light" version and I was right. It was a big hit! You can find the recipe here.
But here was the REAL preparation. The boys went to town making "monster" cupcakes for daddy.
Can you just see the joy on Sam's face...
Here you can see what they looked like when they were done. Each cupcake was completely unique. Sam didn't waste anytime in taste testing them. He had to make sure they were good. That boy never met a cupcake he didn't love! I think Luka likes to decorate more than he likes to eat them. 
Baby (I am talking to JJ here), it was a quiet and lovely birthday...we will have a proper shin ding on Friday and this weekend we will get the present! We are saving up for a new addition to our kitchen...more on that later.

PS I just realized the title of this post could read "Baby Daddy" if you take out the comma...ha ha ha. I just meant to call him by all of his "names" at home. I call him Baby. Not one of my better post titles, but "Happy Birthday JJ" seemed boring.

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