Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sam's 2012 Brag Book Video

Sam's 2012 Brag Book Video from Melissa van Herksen on Vimeo.
We have now have a well established tradition in our home of creating these brag books of the kiddos every year at Christmas. Both of our boys came into our lives and were living on a different continent from our immediate families. I wanted to come up with a way to document their growth and milestones for that calendar year to share with grandparents. I wanted it to be portable and something they could whip out of their pocket or purses when they had the urge to brag about their grand kids.

I came across these mini photo books on iPhoto and I have been using them ever since. They are about the size of a business card and are VERY portable. I also like the idea of keeping one for Luka and Sam and my wish is on some birthday in the far future...maybe their 18th I can give them a little box with a collection of the mini photo books. Let's see if I really keep it up. I have the slight suspicion that their pre-teen books won't be as cute as these...ha ha ha...but I am confident I can keep it up.

Really with iPhoto, it doesn't have to be iPhoto, they are so easy. It is just photos, no text...except on the first page. The hardest part is picking out the photos. Making the book takes about 15 minutes.

If you are curious you can see previous photo books here, here and here.

So this is Sam's...Luka's is coming soon. This was tonight's project.

PS I must warn you that this year the soundtrack for the video is the boy's favorite song this past year. Sam sang this song for the better half of 2012...so although it is not very child appropriate he did love it.

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