Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Random Videos

Okay, I know I am really bad about documenting our life with videos. I don't just doesn't come naturally...then I am all thumbs when it comes to editing videos on the computer. It is truly a painful experience for me. But I know that you can't really appreciate how much the boys are growing and some things are just better for I am going to make an effort to keep our Vimeo channel up to date.

There is a link to all of our Vimeo videos on the right hand side of the you see it? If you don't you can click here and it will take you there. I am warning you..the videos aren't great and they are certainly not meant to be artistic...but more to give you a sneak peak into our everyday and a way to document how much the boys are changing.

Well, here are two random videos for your pleasure.
Sliding with Sammy from Melissa van Herksen on Vimeo.

Yes, enough said...It is pretty funny and I think I squeezed Sam so tight that he will NEVER go down a slide with Mommy again. Our Dutch family knows how much Luka loves big slides. He is obsessed with the slide at Nienoord - a family park in Holland. So he was ecstatic when he saw this one. Sam really wanted to follow in his brother's footsteps and go down the slide too, but he couldn't go alone so I volunteered. You can't tell from this vantage point but the drop at the top is almost vertical...really I was scared.

My Kids Love Pasta from Melissa van Herksen on Vimeo.
Yes, Sam and Luka love pasta. I just think this video was cute. Sam has grown up so fast!!! I can't believe it sometimes. I also think because Sam has lived in three continents in his young 2.5 years of life that it makes me feel like I can't keep up with it...does that make any sense?

Stay tuned for more videos on the Vimeo Channel soon....

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