Friday, November 23, 2012

Sweet Africa

Last weekend the boys and I participated in the Kermess Festival at Luka's school. Kermess, not sure what is means, but it is an International Food Festival that is a fundraiser for the school. I wish the International aspect would have bees stressed throughout the week with activities celebrating the cultures of various countries and not just the food, but the event was amazing and soooo much food to sample...that part was dangerous.

I worked the Africa booth, where we sold Peanut Curry & Rice, Banana Bread and Spicy Chicken. For those of you I didn't cook at all. We wanted to sell the food, right!?!?!? Hawa Hunt, seen below, singing was the cook and all around African Superstar that day. She is from Sierra Leone, a mom of three from school, and famous singer in her own right in her country. I was like her sidekick (not on stage, just with the booth...ha ha). People would come and ask, "Oh, you are from Africa?" Well, you know the, not from Africa, but Luka is from Mozambique...that is my Africa connection

Some of you might also be wondering...Africa? that isn't a country. You are right, but it was too hard to have just a Mozambique booth or a Sierra Leone we teamed up...and we also wanted to represent some of Luka's friends from school that are from Uganda and Liberia (also adopted). So in this case an Africa booth was "all good." Although I usually don't like when they lump Africa together. But for the sake of me having to cook Mozambican food I thought it was a good exception.

We also participated in the parade. Luka wasn't too happy and just wanted to run around. But he did manage to complete the parade with Sam and I.
The parade ended on the stage and we were almost there was hardly space for us. The Briden Bunch joined us in representing African nations (the boys that are actually from African, like Luka, are hiding in the crowd along with Luka and you can't see them). Kind of funny to see all of the white siblings upfront "representing." Sam was really proud to hold the sign all by himself.

There is our friend Hawa Hunt singing. She sang about 4 songs and the crowd loved it. My kids loved one song in particular and I have have to play it EVERY time we are in the car now. The song is called "Sweet Africa." It has a catchy beat and names many African nations in the song. It is on permanent "repeat" in my car. They like it so much it has even trumped Topa & Muni from Latin Disney Junior.

So that was our International Day this year...let's see how much longer the boys will be able to fit into the clothes I had made in Mozambique!

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