Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Message from Santa Claus for Luka & Sam

For the last three years Santa has been emailing Luka these videos in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We love them. I love seeing Luka's face and his response to the video. And Luka, well he feels like the coolest kid in the world.

The videos also help mommy with Luka's behavior. Am I am mean? You can personalize the videos to tell the child what they need to work on and lately Luka has been a little disobedient and doesn't really listen to what I tell him...so Santa reminded him he needs to listen to his mommy.

Santa told him that for right now he is on his "good" list but he had to work on that. Is that great or what?

Here is the link to the video:

Everyone should do this for their kids...Santa is awesome!

Today I will work on one for Sam. He liked watching Santa with a book on Luka.

This has become a tradition during Christmas in our house.

UPDATE: Here is the link for Sam's video. You should have seen him looking at the screen. He was so happy to see that Santa knew his name and had photos of him in his book. So much fun to watch it with them!

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Sadie said...

What an awesome idea! I just made videos for my niece and nephew - thanks for sharing :-).