Friday, October 12, 2012

Smells Fishy in Santiago...

Yesterday I had the opportunity to go on a PTA Field Trip. It was a chance for parents to jump on a bus (like our kids do...really I think it was their bus because I hardly fit in the seat...ha ha) and tour the city. The idea was to get our of our "bubble" in Lo Barnachea. Yes, we had a good time and got to see different parts of the city, but I don't think that walking off the bus to the mall or going to the fish market (on the bus) constitutes getting our of our bubble...I think a downtown walking tour would have done that better.

But this was also GREAT! I just still feel the need to get out of this bubble....They took us to a local mall that has stores with better prices and the biggest Falabella in Santiago. This was very important to me since I love all the design items Falabella has to offer and the one by my house has a very very small inventory. After coffee and a Chilean snack at the mall it was off to the fish market...

As we drove up to the fish market the fish smell just took over and I loved it. You are thinking "what, is she crazy", but the smell took me back "home." Well to my Maputo home. The fish market was two blocks from our hourse and on our way home there was always commotion at the Fish Market and the smell made you want to make fish curry...well I never actually made fish curry, but I asked someone to make it for me and it was soooo easy to buy ginormous pieces of fish. Man could Elizabeth make delicious fish...I miss her!

So that is my moment of I miss my Maputo!

But here we were at the Fish Market. It s basically a hanger with tons of stands and folks shoving fish in your face...pretty interesting. The selection was abundant and the prices were soooooooooooo much cheaper than at the grocery store. I mean like so cheap that it is worth the 25 minute drive to get there. I will most certainly go back.

Here are some images from the day.

Ordering snacks at Mall in La Florida.

This guy was a good salesman. My friend Tammie bought enough fish to feed a small army.
This guy really, really wanted me to take a picture of him with his octopus.
Back on the bus heading home to our "bubble." ha ha
Thank you PTA & Karina for organizing this it again!

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