Monday, October 29, 2012

Luka's Official Kindergarten Photo

I love school photos. We don't always come out beautiful in them, but I think that is part of their charm. I know I love to look back through mine and think, "Oh, gosh I really looked like a dork" or think did my mom really make my sister and I wear the same dress for our kindergarten photos (yeah she did...poor Moqui) and how can I forget the year my parents were out of town and my grandmother had NO idea how to comb/style my hair...lets just say I had a very avant-garde look that year. But my favorite is my 6th grade photo where I secretly put eyeliner on for the first time on and a side pony tail...that one is a doozy. Actually, I think side ponytails are back, but I suspect mine was a little too high to fit in with today's trend.

Well, enough my son's official Kindergarten photograph. I think he looks perfect, but I am biased of course. I hope he cherishes this photo in the future, as much as I love all of mine. Thank you Mom for saving all the photos and always making a big deal with saving them for the future.

He is so handsome right...I can't stop gushing. Maybe next year's photo won't be so nice so I have to take advantage. I love you Lukie!

We also purchased his class photo...aren't they cute? Go K2C!

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