Thursday, July 12, 2012

Update in an "Instagram"

Lately I have been posting photos on Instagram, but now I wanted to update you and tell you a little about what we have been up to and now you can enjoy the photos again in context. So when we got to Santiago I was doing a lot of walking (in my cool new boots of course) and taking way too many taxi rides. I was spending about $15 USD a ride every time we had to see a house...and riding with the kids is a mess with no seat or taking the seat is also complicated. So I decided enough was enough and I started to drive again. You see, I am not opposed to driving, but JJ rented a stick car and I hadn't driven stick in two years and now that I was in a city with highways and lots of traffic it was a little daunting. But JJ forced me (thank you baby) and I did it and what you do you know it was just like riding a bicycle...and now we are totally mobile and I can take the kids to the mall, the movies, parks and school scouting for Sammy. 

But we still love to take the cool that we live in a city with an actual subway system that you can take many places, if you are in downtown. The kids love it and I think today we will take the Metro in the afternoon to the tallest building in South America...will tell you about it if we make it.
Here is a pic of our "hood" at the moment. See the Metro stop...super close and convenient. And did you see the snow capped mountains, Yes I get to see that every morning.Well, every morning that the smog is not covering it. Pollution is a slight problem in Santiago. Luckily we will live outside the city and won't suffer so much from the smog. 
I have also managed to escape once...or twice to the nearby mall...hee hee. By nearby I mean like a 60 second walk. Here I am with my newest gold owl...I love it. Can I get a "hoot hoot"? Okay that was cheesy! 
Well, we have also been spending time in our teeny tiny apt. It is SUPER small, probably like 600 sq. ft and with JJ and I, the boys, the babysitter and all our stuff it is cramped. But it is clean so it could be worse. Did I mention it is also very COLD and we only have two heaters so we can only hang out in two rooms at a time...the place is small so that is not a big issue. They boys get super restless, especially Sammy. That boy needs to start a pre-school SOON. Luckily we found one and he starts on July 23rd! 
Here is Sam in the apartment enjoying his new favorite snack...SHREDDED WHEAT...I love it too!
4th of July was interesting. No fireworks, no hot dogs, no beach or pool. But Luka and Sam were very excited to see fireworks so we watched about 20 different firework displays on YouTube. After that Luka wanted to draw fireworks and send them to abuelo and abuela in the mail.
But I couldn't let the holiday pass without having a proper "American" meal in Chile. So my hubby and his boss joined me for burger, fries and apple pie...YES, I know not really part of my Herbalife plan, but hey it is a HOLIDAY. The food at Mr. Jack Burger Bar was insanely good. 
The apple pie was out of control and two scoops of ice cream. I could have done without the caramel but the pie was yummy and I will be back at some point to have it again! But hold the caramel please.
I have also been taking the kids to furniture stores looking for a bunk bed for the boys. Who knew it was so hard to find a modern white bunk bed with clean lines and a trundle bed....well, they have been good for the most part. Here is Sammy making tea with some of the props from the furniture store. Look at that devilish face! Luckily the cups didn't break.
More on shopping...JJ was looking high and low for a good option on a second car. After going to see used cars and many different models of new cars we decided on the new Chevy Spark GT. It is going to be JJ's car and it is perfect to get to and from work. We will have the Volvo as the main family car and this little speedster to whip around the city and use the extra seats when we have guests in town...hint hint. 
We picked the candy apple red...FUN! 
We have also spent a lot of time in the mall, but the malls here are so cool they have activities for kids all throughout the winter holiday break. So far we have made key chains, made a painting and here the boys are planting cucumber seeds. Still waiting for them to pop out! 

We found a park took us a couple of days, it was sort of hidden. But now we have a playground only three blocks away...HOORAY! Luka especially likes the spiderman web thingy he can climb.

It is so cold here in July. Look at Sammy all bundled up in the swing.
Yesterday we managed to find the local kid's museum - Museo Interactivo Mirado. I will post more pics on that later (they are still in my camera). 
So that is all I have for now. For the most part Santiago is great but the four of us are just getting used to what it means to live in a big city...traffic, being super careful walking around the streets, spending money like water (everything is so expensive), making new friends...or trying too. And it is COLD!

But we also love the fact that we need something and we can find a store to get it for us. And having places to go...many options...all new for us. Maputo and La Paz were limited in that aspect but rich in many other areas. 

For now we like it here but don't have an actual reading on the city, people or life here in general. Once the boys start at school, we move into our house and have our routine down I will be in a better place to evaluate our new assignment.

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