Monday, June 25, 2012

This & That

Okay, so I haven't been very diligent about posting while on holiday. The truth is that running after Sam and Luka all day leaves little time to edit photos and post on the blog...I know I know this is reality some of you are saying. I miss daycare, school and babysitters. I know I know I am spoiled. But the first step is admitting it right, ha ha.

Well, just wanted to bring you up to date. Today we leave Holland and head off to our new adventure in Chile. I don't know why but I woke up today kind of nervous. I think I am feeling strange about moving to a first world that crazy or what. I guess I got used to living in 3rd world countries and all the negative and positive things that come along with that. Living in the 3rd world is unique and I have grown to love it. Quiet, less traffic, not many places to go, easy to visit family and friends, distances are we move to Santiago de Chile...probably one of the most modern cities in South America and expensive! But don't get me wrong I think I will love it, but the change is just a little strange. We will be living in a city with highways!!!! Wow! And I can probably buy everything I need in one grocery store and we have a every store imaginable (this might be dangerous).

Just wanted to let you know what was going through my mind this morning...

Oh, for those of you that subscribe to the blog I will be making retroactive updates on things that happened in the past so if you receive the update and think, "Is Melissa crazy wasn't Father's Day a while ago!" Just make sure to look at the date...I will always post it with the correct date and it will be in order on the blog, but you might not necessarily receive it in your inbox in the proper order. I will try to use some time this week to get caught up. 

I have so many things I wanted to share about Bolivia before we left that I didn't have time to do and things about our stay tuned!

For now I will finish packing our SEVEN suitcases, car seat, booster seat, stroller and two carry ons for the drive to Schipol (Airport in Amsterdam and I am really sorry if I spelled that wrong).

Next time I post it will be from Santiago...okay, I need a new name for the blog people!

PS The photo above is of the boys and their cousins Benthe & Olin...aren't they cute?!??!?

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