Sunday, June 10, 2012

Taking It Easy in Bedum

Okay, it has been over two weeks since my last post and since we left our home in Bolivia. We are on Holiday in Europe and I haven't had one spare second to update the blog, edit photos or just relax. People always ask me, "How do you do so much? kids, blog, volunteer, work, send thank you notes, etc." I thought I was wonder, not really...I just have a nanny when I am home. Now on holiday with a very active two year old and a five year old I see that I am very very blessed to be able to have help when I need it and without the help of the nanny I wouldn't be able to do any of the other things. So I salute all those moms out there that do it on their own and for those that I know blog as well...well you really are super women in my book.

So what have we been up to. We landed in Holland on the 27th of May and then on the 30th we flew to Mallorca where we spent an amazing week in an island that feels very much like home to me and the boys (including JJ). My grandmother is from there, so I have a special connection to the place, but as a family we have shared so many good times there that I think we are going to make it a tradition to visit once a year or every two years if that is possible. This was our third trip to Majestic Mallorca. This trip was extra special, Anniek, JJ's sister accompanied us....I promise to back track and make a post on that very soon. 

So now we are back in Holland and that is fun as well..a little colder and cloudier than Mallorca, but spending time with family is very important to us and since we only do it once a year we try to enjoy every minute of it. 

We are staying in Bedum...the small village where JJ's father and stepmother have their house. JJ lived here for four years when he was very little and but always visited on the weekends and this is basically his childhood home, well the only one still in the family. His mom's house was sold a couple of years ago and I know he also misses that beautiful house that was in the city.

But here we are in Bedum and this morning we explored a little and JJ showed the boys some of the things he used to do when he was little...feeding the ducks...exploring outside the house....riding bike, etc.

Here are the horses that Sam and JJ saw this morning during their bike ride with Opa Jan Erik. Unfortunately there aren't enough bikes for the whole family, but Sam was able to hitch a ride on Papa's back using our favorite Ergo Baby Carrier (for those of you with babies we highly recommend it). We don't leave the house without it (since Sam was born and Luka was about 2). Sam loves riding bike on Papa's back. For my American friends reading this blog...yes, they are very lax here when it comes to bike safety. At first I could cringe when Luka would ride without a helmet, but their Dutch father insists that it is safe and they don't need it. Well, today they were only riding in the village with NO traffic, but this week when we rent bikes as a family the boys will be wearing helmets and have proper bike seats. Although not sure who will ride with me...but they will probably be safer on Papa's back with the Ergo...ha ha ha.

Great, we found them...and there were tons of ducks. Next time we will bring a little more bread.
At the top of the post you can see Sammy and his look of joy when feeding the ducks. He was extremely excited and couldn't contain himself.

I promise to make more updates from our trip and keep you posted on our arrival to Chile. We "move" to Chile on June 26th. Kind of strange to "move" directly from your holiday. This life is just strange sometimes.

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