Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pannenkoeken Saturday (Pancake Saturday)

Oma Coby doesn't really like to cook, but her specialty is making Dutch pancakes, or as well call them "Pannenkoeken." There are thicker than a crepe, thinner than an American pancake and they are DELICIOUS! You can eat them sweet or savory and my kids LOVE them. But they especially like making them with Oma Coby.

Dutch families all over the country eat pancakes for dinner. In the states we are used to having them for breakfast, but here they are lunch or dinner. I don't think they eat pancakes for breakfast. 

But you don't hear me complaining. I love something sweet in the evening!

Here you can see Sam's excitement as he shakes the batter and prepares it for Oma. He really wanted to be part of the festivities.
Oma Coby's special technique for making the perfect pancake.
I think Luka might be the future pancake maker in our family. I am not really good at making them. I have tried, but nada.

Thanks Coby for such a delicious dinner! Luka had three pancakes and Sam had 2.5...too bad we can't have pancakes every night.

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