Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luka's Favorite Place in Holland: Nienoord

Today, finally after a much anticipated wait we made it to Nienoord - a kid's park in Holland. It is a very simple park with many different playgrounds, sandboxes, a petting zoo and some (but very simple) mechanical rides and of course the BIGGEST slide Luka has even seen. We went three years ago with Luka and that slide is something he talks about ALL the time...really he mentions it at least once a week all year long.

So we couldn't leave Holland without another visit. I wish I had taken a close-up of Luka on the slide, but here you can see JJ & Sam and Luka sliding down in all their glory. I think Luka went down this slide like 15 times. He couldn't get enough.

I did manage to get a shot of Sammy's face as he slid down with Daddy. I think he liked it don't you. The boy just turned two but is a dare devil to say the least. He will try anything, especially if his brother did it. Oh, in the corner of the photo you can see Luka's joy...ha ha ha. You will see Sam wearing his Bumba outfit in all the photos. He doesn't want to take off the costume. Bumba is a Dutch kid's television show (really its from Belgium, but really popular in the Netherlands) that he loves and his aunt Marielle bought him this costume and I can't seem to pry it off him. But he looks so cute, right?
After the slide it was off to the races! 
It was very special to be there with Opa Jan Erik - JJ's Dad. A couple of months ago we almost lost him and it is amazing and very emotional to see him playing with the kids and enjoying life. 
Luka didn't like it so much, but Sam LOVED the petting zoo. 
Here you can see THREE generations of van Herksen men! Don't JJ and his father look alike? 
Sam especially loved the mechanical tractor ride. Here you can see him waving and saying, "Ciao." 
Well, Nienoord until next year or until Luka grows you out...but I guess Sam will ask to come for a couple of years after that!

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