Thursday, June 14, 2012

Addicted to Aquaplay

For the last three years every time we visit any country in Europe JJ talks about buying Aquaplay for the boys. He talks about it so much I really think it is more for him. Finally this year was the year for Aquaplay to make its way into our lives. JJ went online to Maarkplaats - the equivalent to Craig's List in Holland and bought this ginormous set (side note: we are supposed to fit this into our suitcase to Chile...ha ha ha) for half the price. These toys are pricey so half the price is a good deal.

This afternoon JJ, Opa and the boys put the set together that we picked up two days ago. They loved it. I am sitting outside with Sam at the moment and posting as I watch him play. 

I highly recommend this toy. Not sure if you can buy it in the states. It is a Swedish company, but take a look on the website. It is a great way to teach kids how canals and water systems work. Sam is more concerned about watering the plants in the garden with the water from the canals, but when Luka was out earlier he got a kick out of using the levys and pumps to move the water along.

Here is a video on Aquaplay. Isn't it great!

I just had to post about it because JJ didn't give up until we had it...let's see if it makes the trip to Chile!??!?

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