Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sam is Two..Ready for Pancakes & PJs

This post is so so so very overdue. Sam is almost three and I am just getting around to posting about his 2nd Birthday...que pena (that means how embarrassing). For those of you that reading this and receive the updates, well this happened last year and it will have the correct date on the blog, but since you receive an email don't think it just happened or somehow you have gone back in time. I am just catching up big time. Besides the fact that I like to document the birthday letters on the blog, I also had to share my absolute favorite birthday party to date. That is from the birthday parties I have done for the boys. They have all been fun to plan, but this one was small, cozy and hello it involved pancakes...YUMMY! We were actually moving a couple of days later, were living in a hotel and I really didn't have the mindset to plan a party...Sam loves pancakes so the Pancakes and PJ Party was born. It landed on Mother's Day...what a perfect reason for brunch, right?

Dear Sammy -

Really, two years old? It seems like just yesterday you were still waking up 5 times a night. Oh, wait that was yesterday. Well, ok not yesterday but you did start sleeping through the night at 15 months (in the last year) and it could not have come soon enough. Mommy really thanks you for reaching that very important milestone. 

Sam, this year you started school and you absolutely love it. You have made a best friend there and I think that you and Nikki are the cutest couple ever. You get so excited when we talk about her or know she is coming over for a play date. I know you are going to miss her like crazy when we move.

Sam, this year in addition to going to school for the first time you accomplished many things. For one thing you started walking...whoo hoo. Sweetie, there is no stopping you now. You have always been "adventurous" but now you just go. You are fearless and I love that about you (ok, you give me heart attack on occasion). But I admire your determination and independence.

You love to talk. I don't always understand you...but you know who is my official translator...Luka. You guys are like two peas in a pod. I never thought the two of you would get along as well as you do. There is a three year age difference, but Luka is your best friend. He is the best big brother and you seem to have this love for him that is truly amazing to see.

Luka has passed along his love of music to you. You love to learn new songs and this year you sang your first tune. It was Happy Birthday. You love to sing it to EVERYONE.

Another thing you adore are animals. You don't miss a chance to pet a puppy or babysit a bunny. Yes, this year you took home the bunnies from your school and cared for them over the weekend. You were over the moon and so happy that they were your responsibility.

We are so proud of you and the individual spirit that you are. You are headstrong and strong minded and I can't wait to see the things you accomplish in life. For now you are keeping us on our toes and making us laugh along the way.

Yes, you do have a strong personality, but you are also very loving. You never miss an opportunity for a hug or cuddles. Kisses, we are still working on. If I am lucky you plant one on me, but most of the time you just lean in with your cheek. We will work on that.

Sam, you are two years old and already you have been to more countries than most people visit in their life time. At 3 months you had already slept on 4 continents! You adapt very well to change (thank goodness) love to explore new surroundings and learn about the world.

Sammy, Happy Birthday and may all of your wishes come true. Mine already have!


Here is a peak into Sam's "Pancakes & PJs" Birthday Party. It was a small intimate brunch on Mother's Day & Sam's Birthday (coincidence!!) We were living at the hotel (waiting for our move to Santiago) and didn't have many options, but my friend owns Harina Cafe and the brunch is delicious so we decided to merge Sam's love for pancakes and Mommy's love for french toast at Harina and this idea was born.

The table before the guests arrived.

Luka & Sam in thier PJs and robes. "Is this a party or what?" 
Harina was amazing. We were the only ones there in the morning and the cafe was transformed for Sammy's Birthday. It was so cute...I wanted a pancake party for me. This chalkboard usually displays their menu...but not today.
This table had the chef hats and aprons all the kids received, as well as the toppings they used to decorate their own pancake.
Sam really enjoyed this activity. He looks pretty into it.
Blowing out the candles on the "Stack of Pancakes" Cake. Very easy to cut afterwards. Everyone just gets pancake.
Look at us...what a great day it was.
Here are all the chefs of the party.
Everyone took home a goodie bag.

To see all of the photos from this day click here.

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