Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Day of Farewell for the Boys

Today both Luka and Sam said farewell to their friends from school in their own way. Luka was called up on stage before their End of the Year Show. All of the students that are leaving ACS were recognized ...Luka looks a little sad, no? Luka is extremely excited to move to Chile. He loves the city based on the two short trips he has done, but of course he is sad to leave all his friends in La Paz behind.

We also had a proper send-off for Sam. His teachers asked me if I wanted to do something..but things have been so hectic that I really couldn't plan a proper goodbye. I thought why not celebrate with one of Sammy's favorite treats...DONUTS!

I bought donuts for the entire class and the teachers and Sam went around and gave each classmate the was so cute.

Here I am with Sam putting on a silly face.

This is where they sit for snack time everyday. Today the menu was nutritious donuts...sorry parents! 

I couldn't resist taking this photo of of Luka's youngest classmates. 

After donuts Lourdes, the teacher, acted out a story and played songs on the guitar while all the kids danced around. 

Then it was time for the playground. Here Sam is playing "house" with an older woman...Sam, you little devil.

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