Wednesday, July 06, 2011

What have we been up to...

Okay, so everyone always asks do you have time to post and do all of your "projects" with two little kids? Well, the honest answer is that I have a nanny in Bolivia. And I never realized how easy it was to have "mommy" time when you have help. I mean I knew it, but being with both kids alone it has become evident to me during this 5-week holiday that without Evelin (our nanny) I would NEVER have time for work, photos, blogs, projects, etc.

If I had to run around after my boys all day, currently more Sam. Luka is easier now that he is 4. He is pretty independent, but Sam at almost 14 months is a full-day workout.

I can't get too comfy with our "situation." If we are ever placed back in Holland or another first world country I would be a full time mommy, but let me enjoy the perks of living in Boliva.

So now that they are both asleep and I am still awake I will try to give you the "nickel tour" of holiday so far.

Well above is Luka enjoying his you can see what a baby looks like in business class. Actually it was a great flight from Lima to Amsterdam. The boys slept like 10 hours.

Once we arrived in Holland we stayed there for less than 48 hours and then we were off toMallorca (please refer to the previous post.)

Back in Holland we spent time with family and friends. One of the friends we got to visit in Den Haag (Dan, Danielle & Baby Rafe) were our friends in Mozambique. They are British and have recently been posted in the Netherlands. So it was a couple of days in Casa Fieller. Here Luka is walking around Delft (we went there with Danielle & Rafe).

Here is Danielle & Rafe in Madurodam (or as I like to call it "Mini Holland"). This place was gives you a BIG miniature tour of the entire country and the details are "impresionante."

Look at Luka and JJ at the train station in Groningen (town where JJ grew up). Don't they look like GIANTS!

Oh, there is Luka's rockstar face...he is still working on the "rock on" hands.

Rafe & Sam had a great time in the playground. They are about 2 months was so cute to see them together.

Here is Luka with his "Great Oma" JJ's grandmother.

With JJ's sister and Luka's cousins we went to a kid's park that was pretty awesome for kid standards. Luka had a blast. Here he is riding his first roller coaster. Wheeeeeee...

Look at us on this big boy ride. It was just like the one at the Youth Fair. I was freaking out. Luka kept pretty calm and after the ride he kept asking me, "Mommy, why did you scream so much." Yes, that came from my four year old.

Back in Bedum (JJ's dad's house) it was time to break open the bubbly and celebrate with "Gourmetten" - a Dutch form of BBQ....well sort of. It was a beautiful sunny day and it was the perfect way to enjoy the evening sun. The food was delicious. We each grilled our own meat and vegetables, then we used the grill to make pancakes...lekker!!!

We spent a week in Centerparcs. Click here to see the park we stayed in. It is very Dutch to stay in these types of vacation parks. It sort of reminded me of "Kellerman" in Dirty Dancing. I kept trying to find the dance class with the Patrick Swayzesk instructor, but I never found it. They did have countless activities for the kids, boat paddling, an indoor pool with three slides, family game night, Disco for Kids. Everything was in Dutch and German, but I just kind of went along with the flow. It is really strange to see my son (Luka) carrying on in a language I don't understand at all, but I was so proud of my little trilingual 4-year old.

Here we are in the pool, both of the boys LOVE the water.

Sammy had a fight with his first ice cream cone and Sammy won!

While at the park we went a quick trip to a nearby town and went to the zoo with JJ's mom. Sam got to visit his first petting zoo.

Here is JJ with his first cousin Marinke and her son Quinten. Sam and Quinten are four days apart.

Back at home base in Bedum, Sam loves to play with his reflection. Silly Sammy!!!

JJ's dad - Jan Erik - is a great cook. He makes delicious dinners for us almost every night. My Herbalife coach is going to be a little cross with me once I return to La Paz....ha ha ha.

Here is Luka with JJ's cousins - Kirsten & Peter. They are also from Bedum.

Well, that is the update for now. We will be back in La Paz soon, but not before some more fun times in Holland. Stay tuned...

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