Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Like Mother Like Son

This was a rare moment caught on camera. I was taking some photos of Luka as he was playing peek-a-boo and slammed right into the poll....ahhhh my poor baby. My camera is so fast that by the time I put my camera on the floor to grab him I had already taken two photos. I wasn't trying to catch this photo people...I am not that mean of a mommy.

But I think Luka has inherited my clumsiness. This marks the second time he has cut his lip in one week. Sorry mother like son.

I am happy to report that he was fine 2 minutes later and back to his usual happy self.

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Anonymous said...

I remember you inside our Miami Beach apartment. I think you bumped or knocked something each time you came, specially if JJ came too. Granted, I had renovated it for our scale...