Thursday, March 26, 2009



Happy Birthday Luki! I am so proud of you. Your "baby" days are definitely over and for the record they went way too fast! That day that we brought you home in November of 2007 I really thought you were going to stay a baby forever...well maybe not forever. But I never could imagined that less than 18 months later you would be the big boy you are today. And I mean you weigh 33 pounds (compared to the 8 you were when you came home!!!)

I know we didn't meet you the day you were born, but I think that is the day you started to grow in our hearts. That is the only explanation I have because the day we met you, you already had a big chunk of our hearts and we fell in love with you instantly. Even though you were very tiny that smile of yours was there and your eyes had that spark that still gets everyone today.

Today at two years old you love MUSIC. I think that if you hear a song once you can sing it back to us. You speak four languages. I am still amazed at that. Please can you give me some hints on how you manage that. I am still struggling with my Portuguese and let's not even mention Dutch, but you and daddy can have great conversations in Dutch and keep mommy completely out of the loop. I know you guys really enjoy that. But please Luka can you please stop laughing histerically everytime I try and read you one of your Dutch books.

At the moment your obessions seem to be Barney, Nijntje (Dutch Cartoon) and anything Little People. You also love to draw or as you say "pintar, Luka pintar" and your favorite things to color or draw are fishes and dolphins. Oh, let's not forget how much you love the beach, pool and really any body of water, to the point that you will jump in head first (that freaks me out). 

Okay, so you are my son so I am a little biased, but you are so freaking smart. I mentioned you speak four languages, but you always know who to say what to. And you remember everyone's names. I mean everyone and before you go to sleep you like to say everyone's names that you played with that day. Sometimes you say names that I didn't even remember.

And I have to say that at this moment the thing I enjoy most about you is your smile and that laugh of is truly infectious! You are the happiest little person I have ever met! No matter how bad things are you can always make me laugh. 

Luka, I love you and want to wish you a very special day today!



PS Today we are making you a very special chocolate cake (thank you tia susana for the recipe). I really hope you have a piece...but if not more chocolate cake for us!


SF said...

Felicidades, Luka! You are sooo lucky to have such awesome and loving parents, no wonder you're always smiling! Dile a tu mami que mas le vale que me guarde un pedazo de torta! besitos, tu tia Susana.

Jair, Hanlie, Isabella and Joshua said...

Ai, how you make my cry so early in the morning. Happy Birthday Luka!!! I hope you have a wonderful day. I am sorry we will not be able to join you on Saterday, but have loads of fun! You truly are blessed to have such loving and caring parents. And you are a little gift from God!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Message, TRuly blessed ot have parents who love you so much. God bless you. Jair

Terraconvida said...


Anonymous said...

mija there are no words for the amount of tears i have shed reading this blog about Luki's birthday. Once again have a grand day on the day of celebration which is tomorrow. Once again happy birthday big guy!

Fran & Peter said...

Meli, y que decir de los papas que Luka tiene!! Pensas que todo lo que describis de Luka viene solo??? Noooo, es tu trabajo y el de JJ.
La verdad que me has hecho llorar con este post, que lindo poder expresar sentimientos y ser tan descriptiva en lo que escribis!!
No cambies...Luka estara tan proud de su mami!! Siempre con diferentes ideas para hacerlo feliz!!!
y que decir de la fiesta!! BUENISIMA!!!

Mary L. said...

Wow, Melissa. He is so big and absolutely beautiful. Congrats, proud mama, you've done an amazing job. : )