Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Terrible Twos....They Weren't Lying

I don't know why I thought that I would be spared from the "monster" they call the "Terrible Twos." Luka was always such a good baby. Almost always did what he was told except for the occasional incident...but that Luka is gone and "Luka the Terrible" has been born. 

I say that with all the love in my heart. I love Luka so much and most of the time I want to crack up and laugh at the things that he is doing...but my goodness! How can a child change so much in a matter of days. Since we arrived back in Maputo (6 days ago) Luka's past times have gone from playing with cars, legos and musical instruments to flying off the sofa, seeing how fast he can go up and down the stairs, climbing on the kitchen counter and then showing me his version of bungee jumping (without a rope), emptying out our bookcase, climbing the bookcase, taking the ornaments off the christmas tree (YES, my tree is still up)...etc. I am just exhausted typing this and reliving each moment. Oh and did I mention that he likes to wake up at 5 am now...lucky me.

Parents weren't lying when they use the term terrible twos. I really didn't understand it before. Luka is only 22 months, but I guess he decided to get there two months earlier. 

Can someone tell me how long this will last? I am a nervous wreck. Luka is a total boy and now with his "adventurous" side I am always looking over my shoulder to make sure his face and limbs are still intact. Seriously...I am totally paranoid. I thought I would always be this laid back kind of mom, but no one told me that my child would turn in Evel Knievel.

But even with all that said I enjoy every moment with Luka!  At least I am never bored and man can that boy make me laugh! Everyday he comes up with something new that amazes me, drives me crazy and makes me fall in love with him all over again.

PS Mom, I am sorry for everything I did when I was two years old :)

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Hanlie said...

:) Joshua is only 1.5yrs and he is already giving me heart failure every day! Climbing on everything, throwing things out and then moving onto the next thing, pulling on things... Just being a total boy! He always has a bruise or a scrape somewhere. I don't think it ever stops. Lucky us! But I would rather have that, than having to deal with the female version of the terrible twos! Very high maintenance! Oh help!!!
Good luck, and enjoy! Luka is looking so handsome!! You are doing a very good job with him!