Monday, October 06, 2008

Luka Says Bye Bye

The actual date of this video is September 9, 2008. Since the video was taken Luka has added some new words to his vocabulary: ball, car, Max, Benthe, Barney, Ninjte and some others that I am still trying to figure out. But this video was taken when he started to say his favorite phrase: BYE BYE. He says it all the time. When JJ and I get home and grab him to give him a kiss...he looks over to the nanny and says Bye is just priceless. He does the same thing when he is with one of us and wants us to leave the room. He is getting quite independent these days...much more so than what I want him to be...why do they have to grow up so fast.

I am trying to catch on all my photos and blog entries, but as you can see I am a little behind. Click here to see recent photos of Luka.

PS For some reason the video is NOT working. I will get back to you on that.

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SF said...

Well it was about time you wrote! And then you don't deliver? Where's the video I say? Well, at least I am lucky enough to get to see Luka live, but still. I was hoping to see the video at the end of your post and all I get is a "we'll call you back"??? NO fair!!!!