Sunday, October 12, 2008

And the grammy goes to....LUKA

I think Luka might win a Grammy or a Tony award some day. Our son is very musical. JJ and I have never played any musical instruments or actually have any musical talent, but JJ does love music. His one trillion songs on his iTunes is proof of that. And although I am not blessed with any real musical abilities, I have been singing to Luka since the first day he was home. My repertoire consists of church songs (in Spanish), some country songs, the complete soundtrack from RENT and The Little Mermaid and when I am absolutely in need of it....Barney. I never said I was cool, but I can belt out a mean lullaby.

Over the last couple of months Luka's love of music has manifested itself many ways...first there was the humming along to all his favorite he mimics every song we sing to him. He also loves to play his piano, xylophone and tambourine. He knows all the instruments by name and loves to put on concerts. But by far the most entertaining showcase of his musical abilities is his singing and you can see from the photos above.

I think he actually knows he is performing. There is one song in is in Spanish about a little boat that gets lost at sea for seven weeks...quite silly, but Luka LOVES it. He cracks up and starts singing and dancing every time he hears it...every SINGLE time! Gracias Mami y Papi por enseñarle esta canción. Es la mejor manera de ver la sonrisa de Luka!

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