Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Better late than never...

If you have visited this blog before you know that Luka sometimes receives letters from his cousin - Maxwell. The letter below actually arrived before we left on holiday a couple of weeks ago, but between getting ready for the trip, finishing projects at work and running around after Luka I never got around to posting the letter. Now that things are back to "normal" and I found a few minutes to dedicate to the blog I thought I would add this letter. Max's letters are ALWAYS very entertaining and Luka really likes them. Here it goes:

Dear Luka:

I'm really happy you are coming to stay with us for 3 weeks. I understand , being older and wiser, you will be the flavor of the week for 3 weeks. I don't mind, you are a great kid and all that, but there are subjects I want to avoid during your visit.
First, do not talk about your teeth. You are almost a year younger than I am and you have more than double the number of teeth that I have. Everybody in Miami is always my mommy that maybe I have a problem. I don't chew hard stuff, or anything in chunks, but I still have more real teeth than Grandpa...I have four.
Also, don't mention your family portraits. I live in the country with the most photo studios in the world and you live in freaking Maputo and already have great professional family pictures. I think Mom and Daddy are waiting for me to get more teeth...just in case I smile at the freaking photographer.
I also know you are an international traveler like myself, but your Mom is telling people that you will speak five languages: English, Dutch,Spanish, Portugese and the native language of the people in Mozambique. Give me a freaking break!!!  Maybe you will speak those languages in the FUTURE...because you have so many teeth.

But let me tell you I have a problem with the Spanish, Yoruba and the freaking English with cuban accent everyone speaks here. After Grandpa's stroke I started going to a Day Care at an English speaking Baptist church to learn proper english. But I was surprised to see  all the freaking kids and all the freaking teachers are either cuban, nicaraguan or colombian. The only english word I have heard is "Pamper" and with a colombian accent. So I warn you, I think we will get along better if we use baby talk to communicate.  My baby gibberish doesn't have a cuban accent...I think.

I love you and hope to see you soon!

Your cousin,

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Anonymous said...

Freaking hilarious! Thanks for sharing.